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Dr. Michael Goodyear shares his crazy story with the EM:RAP team to discuss what really matters in a critical situation when you have no medical resources.

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iconEpisode for May 2015

Did you know that sitting is considered the ‘new smoking’? Not that we sit much in our profession, but something to think about when you’re in a chair punching out a bolus of dictations or EMRs. Cam Berg (the chest pain ADP guy) is back with a rational pulmonary embolism diagnostic pathway. Are there geriatric patients in your ED? Rhetorical. The Italian stallion, Al Sacchetti, goes pearl diving into the mind of an ED geriatrician. Intubating kids, curing strokes, making patients happy with text messages, and, of course, ketamine! All that, and more, in May 2015 EM:RAP…

May 27

iconJames M., MD commented on Notes From the Community – Accelerated Diagnostic Pathway: PE
I'm sorry I got the criteria wrong but the question is still the same. Does everyone over 55 get a … more
iconJulia G. commented on LIN Session – Tissue Adhesive
Used the derma bond on a cotton tip applicator just last night to get a bead out of an ear! Worked … more

May 26

Voices of Essentials – Episode 2 http://t.co/VgIIMqqovi
New podcast setup. Oh yes I will be 17.3% more efficient at podcast production! http://t.co/G2Uyo8ZdBE

May 25

iconandrew d. commented on Kayexalate Redux
Oh one more thing - to Brendan C - are you an internist or do you have any involvement with … more
iconandrew d. commented on Kayexalate Redux
Had a 9.2 K the other day...went up to 9.3 and then 9.8 within hours of using kay...I mean sodium … more

May 24

iconBill Hinckley, MD commented on LIN Session – In Flight Emergencies
The NGT plastic has memory-- use it to your advantage. Once the pt is prepped w/ oxymetazoline … more
iconJessica M. commented on Boston Marathon: A First Person Experience
Thank you for sharing your stories and the above references. I think this is why I was so eager to … more
iconAdam commented on Boston Marathon: A First Person Experience
Agree strongly with the above comment. Having worked in EMS/fire for a while before becoming an ER … more

May 23

iconc. berg commented on Notes From the Community – Accelerated Diagnostic Pathway: PE
Andrea - the values I recommended are the most conservative consensus position in the literature … more

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