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iconEpisode for July 2014

This month is packed full of so much loveliness that it will make your head explode! We got cardiology, antibiotics for cardiac arrest, sucking the nose like hell for bronchiolitis, pediatric sepsis therapy (yes again!), nurses running codes, wide complex tachycardia badness, asthma therapies that really work, and a great discussion about those devil drugs tylenol and NSAIDs and how they will make your children's bones stop growing and give them ADHD. Not enough? How about more on chest pain decision rules, what to do when the psychiatric is out, should you CT scan patients with renal colic...I know so much good stuff!

July 28

iconRob B., M.D. commented on Medical Legal 101 - Lawsuit! The Letter Arrives
First of all, this was a difficult case and I certainly don't think there was any "mistake" made by … more
iconRob B., M.D. commented on This Emergency Life: Good Patients, Bad Patients
I believe missing the diagnosis right off the bat is understandable, but it is hard to believe a … more

July 26

iconmichael s. commented on Airway Corner - Procedural Sedation
Dr Miner, I'd like to pick your brain about the transition from Er to anesthesia; do you have a … more

July 25

iconJoe Bellezzo commented on Checklist Code and ECMO Resources
Great question. I put a 9FR cordus in the vein, not the artery. We currently use a 5 FR single … more
iconAlan P. commented on Digital Intubation
Where is the video? more

July 24

iconAndrew J., M.D. commented on Notes from the Community - Bronchiolitis: Part 1
How can you have had the discussion on steroids without mentioning this study? Really the … more
iconNeil L. commented on Mini Journal Club - Asthma Therapies: What Really Works!
Everytime I give a neb a kitten dies - well according to my paediatric colleagues. Would MDI's via … more

July 23

iconEMCrit commented on Airway Corner - Delayed Sequence Intubation
Benjamin,  •  PEEP valve is just a spring pushing against a rubber gasket. The more you turn, the … more
iconDarren B., M.D. commented on Airway Corner - Delayed Sequence Intubation
I will let the good Dr. W comment on his BMV-NC set-up.  •  I have not personally used Vitamin D … more

July 22

EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Sanjay Arora, MD http://t.co/8jKBqjMfxw

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