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iconEpisode for July 2014

This month is packed full of so much loveliness that it will make your head explode! We got cardiology, antibiotics for cardiac arrest, sucking the nose like hell for bronchiolitis, pediatric sepsis therapy (yes again!), nurses running codes, wide complex tachycardia badness, asthma therapies that really work, and a great discussion about those devil drugs tylenol and NSAIDs and how they will make your children's bones stop growing and give them ADHD. Not enough? How about more on chest pain decision rules, what to do when the psychiatric is out, should you CT scan patients with renal colic...I know so much good stuff!

July 22

EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Sanjay Arora, MD http://t.co/8jKBqjMfxw
iconSean G., M.D. commented on Introduction
I do the jumping hip bump....avoids the hand contact at all, and is really appreciated by my … more

July 21

iconAmal M., M.D. commented on Cardiology Corner - Wide Complex Tachycardias - Adenosine
3 of the 4 cases I have had a RBBB morphology, so apparently it's not all RVOT VTach. more
iconAmal M., M.D. commented on Cardiology Corner - Wide Complex Tachycardias - RANT
Here's the reference:  •  Comparison of the "Real-Life" Diagnostic Value of Two Recently Published … more
EMRAP Audio Update – California Prop. 46 http://t.co/KJ39pF0CLg

July 20

iconchernobog commented on Notes from the Community - Bronchiolitis: Part 1
please explain the 3/2/1 rule and 2/1 rule on the diagram. more
iconB. Allen MD commented on Checklist Code and ECMO Resources
You mention that your "Line Doctor" is tasked with quickly placing both venous and arterial access … more
iconJohn P. commented on Notes from the Community - Bronchiolitis: Part 1
Any one have any thoughts on the NoseFrida? All I can say is that with my own kids it works a whole … more

July 19

iconDavid W. commented on Toxicology Sessions – Wax
Is there a distinctive scent or odour to this material?  •  I am not advocating smelling the stuff … more
iconSam S. commented on Paper Chase 5 - Deep Brachial Vein Extravasation
At my shop, we have been told repeatedly by the ED admin staff and radiology staff that the Arrow … more

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