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iconEpisode for October 2014

Imagine this... an audio program that included in just one month, a discussion on IV contrast myths, thrombolysis for PE, talked about a new long acting opioid drug, Fentanyl for prehospital care, how to look after patients with LVAD’s, absorbable vs. nonabsorbable sutures, adult epiglottitis, steroids for sore throats, an approach to altered mental status and so much more! We would say it is not possible! You would say it must be some special bundt cake chocolate covered edition covered in cream and served warm with a scoop of ice cream...you would be right, and you are welcome!

October 22

iconJean N. commented on LIN Sessions - Mobile Apps in EM
Hi Michelle, I'd like to know how to have access to your Paucis Verbis more
iconc. berg commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
The brilliant comments and feedback continue...  •  Jeremy - I totally agree. Unfortunately, as you … more

October 21

iconElise O. L., M.D. commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
Excellent discussion-wondering your thoughts on the Sept 2014 AHA NSTEMI guidelines recommending … more
iconDennis H., D.O. commented on Paper Chase 5 - Night Shifts Suck
I agree that nights are more of a challenge for me now. The 12 hour shifts are very daunting but … more
iconsjm21063 commented on Adult Epiglottitis
Any thoughts to using racemic epi nebulizer tx? more

October 20

iconJeremy V. commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
I take back what I said about Newman "not showing his math."  •  Here is a great link … more

October 18

iconGita P., MD commented on Medical Legal 101 - Effects of Lawsuits on Clinicians
Thanks so much for this segment. As a doc who's been sued and went to trial after four years of … more
iconChristie D., M.D. commented on Autism
August 24, 2014  •  !  •  Dear Fellow Doctors and Parents:  •  !  •  My name is Christie del … more

October 17

iconHendrik V., M.D. commented on Medical Legal 101 - Insurance
Interesting talk even though I practice in a much less legally driven canadian environment with a a … more

October 16

iconJ Carlson commented on The National Lecture Series - The 6 Million Dollar Patient - Part 2 - Dialysis
It is also important to consider the appropriateness of the shock (VT vs a fib or sinus tach … more

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