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iconEpisode for December 2014

This is a BIG end to the year here are just some of the topics: Backboards are dead!, the great MAC vs Miller debate, head eating fungi, an algorithmic approach to vascular access in kids, foam to stop hemorrhaging, serum tests of appendicitis diagnosis still suck, diazepam vs. lorazepam smackdown, landshark attack, shut that kid up please - but first check for badness, the faking patient that tries to die is SO embarrassing, send that appendicitis patient to the medical floor nothing for surgery to do here…and renal colic myths galore!

December 19

iconPaul H., M.D. commented on Pediatric Pearls - The Crying Child!
I have never understood the resistance to treating colic with acetaminophen..A colicky child … more

December 18

iconMichelle Lin, MD commented on LIN Sessions - Mobile Apps in EM
Great Q. PalmPedi is like the Broselow ruler's text digitized. Basically you first pick the color … more
iconJennifer M. commented on LIN Sessions - Mobile Apps in EM
Do you recommend palmPEDI over pedi stat? Is pedi stat like 10 sec em (one that was good and not … more

December 16

iconDavid F., M.D. commented on HippoEM Reviews - Flying and Pneumothorax
Did you say the Fi02 drops from 21 to 15 at 8000 feet or were you implying some sort of conversion … more

December 15

iconBrian L. commented on LIN Sessions – Wound Repair
Hi Nick:  •  Great question.  •  If the nail is firmly adherent and disruption of surrounding … more
iconNick J. commented on LIN Sessions – Wound Repair
What if there is a tuft fracture underneath the intact nail with a hematoma? In theory this is an … more

December 14

iconDavid W. commented on LIN Sessions – Vascular Access
A true wonder option was taught to me in one of my hospital practicums by a CCU nurse who happened … more
iconJohn R. commented on LIN Sessions - Mobile Apps in EM
Mel - you talk up the EMRAP app, but when it is going to be available for Android???? :-(  •  A new … more

December 12

iconHoward M. commented on Back to the Backboard
LS - We certainly appreciate your feedback. I assure you, Dr. Bledsoe meant no insult to our … more
iconAnand S., M.D. commented on Medical Myths – Medical Expulsive Therapy for Renal Colic is Good
Kelsey - thanks for the comments.  •  Unfortunately, there's been a trend in Cochrane reviews that … more

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