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iconEpisode for January 2015

It’s the start of a new year and time to get busy! Did you drink a little too much and get a hangover? Now do you feel a little weak and dizzy, like a little sick neonate with a broken heart. You may have some migrating weakness, some confusion, you feel like you had a stroke, or maybe developed endocarditis? You certainly have some ABx associated diarrhea, and your seratonin level is way too high, you feel so bad you might need ECMO but are afraid of getting sued! Yes it’s going to be a busy month.

January 24

iconZlatan C. commented on The LIN Session - tPA in Pregnancy
Hi Dr LS,  •  Thanks for listening and commenting. You bring up a great point. Drs. Herbert … more
iconL S, MD commented on The LIN Session - tPA in Pregnancy
Thanks for the interesting lecture-  •  my concern around using tPA in young adults is the high … more

January 22

iconMartin M. commented on Introduction
Classic... I had listened to the January EMRAP on my way to work, (I have a 3.5 hour drive), and my … more
iconCliff L., MD commented on Introduction
The Weingart lecture on EPI/Vasopressin/Steroid.  •  Are they given together?  •  Is Vasopressin … more
iconJoseph M. commented on Paper Chase 2: IV Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea in ED Patients
Also there is no basis or evidence to support the practice of giving 1 dose of IV antibiotics … more

January 21

iconJennifer M. commented on LIN Sessions - Mobile Apps in EM
thanks Dr. Lin more
iconJason M., PA-C commented on LIN Sessions – Wound Repair
Michelle: (re: November comment - my how time flies) chromic is "twisted multifilament," rather … more
iconRichard B., MD commented on EMRAP 2014 Mars Résumé en Français
Traduction française high riding prostate  •  prostate flottante  •  Dr RBernier MD, MSc, PhD, ACEP … more

January 20

iconBenjamin S., M.D. commented on A Broken Heart
When I was a resident rotating through a busy community hospital in Chicago, I remember seeing one … more
iconMatthew T. commented on Critical Care Mail Bag - Vasopressin, Epi, Intubation, and ECMO
Great explanation of the acid/base physiology in DKA. Any thoughts on which fluid is best to give … more

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