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iconEpisode for August 2014

It may be summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) but but bronchiolitis season will be here before you know it-we’ve got it covered. Amal Mattu makes sense of the mysteries of PEA, Weingart gets septic, Nordt tries to avoid getting pregnant and backboards may be going out the back door.

August 22

iconChristopher R., M.D. commented on Paper Chase 3 - D-dimer Cutoffs in the Elderly
Please note that the 500 value is the cutoff if your test reports in units of ng/ml FEU (Fibrinogen … more

August 21

iconPierre M., M.D. commented on Paper Chase 5 - NSAID and Long Bone Fractures
I may misunderstand Odds Ratios but...... in the discussion Sanjay and Mike say an OR of 2 means … more
iconAnand S., M.D. commented on Penicillin in Pharyngitis - NOT!
Thanks! Hadn't seen this one before. Some of the difficulties with this are apparent here.  •  1 … more
iconChrista D. commented on Penicillin in Pharyngitis - NOT!
Regarding the above point:  •  "2 - For the last 50 years, not a single case of post-strep … more

August 20

iconKevin G. commented on Compartment Syndrome
interesting article on this in 2005 edition of Bone and Joint Journal  •  Mechanical muscle-crush … more
EM:RAP Mini – Ebola Update http://t.co/OVhZpbnnzV

August 19

iconSean G., M.D. commented on Introduction
I loved this. I have felt this way for years. early in my career as an Attending in a non academic … more
iconMichael S. commented on HippoEM Reviews - CHF Update
If there is a concern about using lasix on patients with reduced renal blood flow in this situation … more
EEM 2014 – Session Host Video- Scott Weingart, MD http://t.co/UdSnKGTzRR

August 18

iconPaul C Lee MD commented on HippoEM Reviews - CHF Update
As a cardiologist, I know I will be shot down by the ER docs. But I feel l need to speak to defend … more

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