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Dr. Michael Goodyear shares his crazy story with the EM:RAP team to discuss what really matters in a critical situation when you have no medical resources.

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iconEpisode for May 2015

Did you know that sitting is considered the ‘new smoking’? Not that we sit much in our profession, but something to think about when you’re in a chair punching out a bolus of dictations or EMRs. Cam Berg (the chest pain ADP guy) is back with a rational pulmonary embolism diagnostic pathway. Are there geriatric patients in your ED? Rhetorical. The Italian stallion, Al Sacchetti, goes pearl diving into the mind of an ED geriatrician. Intubating kids, curing strokes, making patients happy with text messages, and, of course, ketamine! All that, and more, in May 2015 EM:RAP…

May 3

iconAnand S., M.D. commented on Medical Myths - Cricoid Pressure
Patrick - thanks for the comment. It sounds like you're talking about bimanual manipulation of the … more
iconPatrick T., M.D. commented on Medical Myths - Cricoid Pressure
i have always thought of cricoid pressure as being used to get a better view in someone with … more

May 2

iconMichelle Lin, MD commented on LIN Session – In Flight Emergencies
Good questions about NGT placement. I haven't found the perfect approach. Nebulized lidocaine's … more
iconChesney F. commented on LIN Session – In Flight Emergencies
Michelle, always appreciate your tips & tricks about EM practice in the real world (Sharpies, a … more

May 1

iconMike J., M.D. commented on Back of the Bus – Should Paramedics Intubate Kids?
While the point is probably moot, I remain disappointed in the continued reliance on the San Diego … more
iconRachael G. commented on Community Medicine Rants – Geriatric Patients in the ED
Wow, this was really interesting to me as an Aussie. If we have falls or functional issues we would … more
iconAnthony W., M.D. commented on The Equivocal Arthrocentesis
I just came back to this article when had lady w 36,000 cells in her joint fluid. Do we have any … more

April 30

iconLarissa B., MD commented on Paper Chase 1 - Cough in Kids
Tylenol and Motrin were given to both groups. more
iconBill Hinckley, MD commented on The Devils Advocate - End Tidal CO2
Thanks for setting things straight, Scott. This has been bugging the crap out of me as well. And … more
iconilene c. commented on Pediatric Pearls: Resuscitation of the Sick Neonate - Part 1
I have so much trouble with this one. Yes, you are correct- normal fluid, vigorous: no suction at … more

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