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iconEpisode for August 2014

It may be summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) but but bronchiolitis season will be here before you know it-we’ve got it covered. Amal Mattu makes sense of the mysteries of PEA, Weingart gets septic, Nordt tries to avoid getting pregnant and backboards may be going out the back door.

August 29

iconJack G. commented on Lin Sessions - PO vs IV Clindamycin - Dirty Epi Drip - Propofol for Migraines
I wish everyone I worked with would listen to this. I curse a bit every time a cellulitis patient … more

August 28

iconJack G. commented on Accidental Hypothermia - Part 1
Great discussion. This was one of my residency projects at Maine Medical Center. Here's the … more
iconJack G. commented on Paper Chase 4 - Digital Anesthesia
Do it all the time. Love it. Just doesn't get proximal dorsal skin. more
iconRP commented on Medical Legal 101 - Insurance
Mike, your sections on EMRAP are by far my favorite. They scare the hell out of me (but in a good … more

August 25

iconLMW commented on HippoEM Reviews - CHF Update
Yeah, I just got into discussion and printed this lecture for one of our hospitalist regarding the … more
iconAaron L. commented on Notes from the Community - Bronchiolitis: Part 1
This is the first I've heard of using Afrin in bronchiolitis. While I agree it makes sense, there's … more
iconSean G., M.D. commented on The Back of the Bus - The End of the Backboard?
Lol the dreaded take down.....My favorite was when I worked in residency in a major urban trauma … more

August 23

iconKevin G. commented on The Back of the Bus - The End of the Backboard?
Hmmm. Mel, I wonder if you did not publish the above because of a cultural misunderstanding about … more
iconAmal M., M.D. commented on HippoEM Reviews - CHF Update
Guidelines for management of penetrating wounds to the neck typically talk about various zones of … more
iconAmal M., M.D. commented on Cardiology Corner - A Common Sense PEA Algorithm
I hoped to convey that there's probably no harm in doing compressions. There's really not enough … more

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