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Recently on EM:RAP

iconEpisode for February 2015

It’s February and time for some infectious disease! Swami introduces the idea of discharging patients with neutropenic fever from the ED. Is he mad?! Mizuho sits down with the CDC’s leading measles epidemiologist to get the straight facts on vaccination, outbreaks, and what we should do if a measles patient strolls into our department. Need to transfer a trauma patient but overwhelmed by all the details? Not to worry, Howie Mell gives his ‘“clip ‘n save” breakdown on making the process smoother than a baby’s bottom. How many things do you need to know about the patient in respiratory distress? Two! Paper chase, vocal cord dysfunction, steroids in asthma, tissue adhesive magic and so much more.

February 25

iconJessica R., M.D. commented on Introduction
Some thoughts on this month's edition:  •  -If the authors in Paper Chase 1 wanted a truly accurate … more
iconc. berg commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
We're definitely still monitoring this, and we'll stay involved in the dialogue!  •  Matthew … more
iconRob O commented on Notes From the Community – What’s the Best Oral Steroid for Asthma
Daniel, I like it! Nothing like the old mortar and pestle to get the job done. more
iconDaniel G., M.D. commented on Notes From the Community – What’s the Best Oral Steroid for Asthma
How's this for cheap and low tech? Take the decadron tablet and crush it with a spoon and sprinkle … more

February 24

iconjonathan b., pa-c commented on Oh Henry; A Workplace Rant
Good lord, Dr. Henry. Props to PA Raines!  •  Gentlemen: How about this scenario = Take your new MD … more
iconSarah B commented on LIN Session – Tissue Adhesive
Varicose vein bleeds. Cut bottom off plastic medicine cup, place over bleeding area and press down … more
EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #10 Critically ill pregnant patient http://t.co/BZkTuYYaIK
iconRichard B., MD commented on EMRAP 2015 Février Résumé en Francais
La province de Québec représente plus 1 700 000 km 2 à couvrir avec trois avion-hôpital (flying … more
iconMario P., MD commented on Paper Chase 05 – The Effect of Malpractice Reform
I live and work in Texas myself and often am amazed in talking with docs from other States when at … more

February 23

Hippo EM Podcast Episode 11: Dermatology http://t.co/7E2Cu6J1k7

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