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iconEpisode for March 2015

Tis March ladies and gents a time to think before you relocate, this is a strong suggestion so take it or I will lacerate your kids heads, or make you think you have a heart attack, I will make you obese and dislocate your knee, I will poison you with cyanide, if you arrest I will NOT resuscitate, I will blow warm wet oxygen up your nose and bust your pelvis and make you bleed, I will punch your kid in the neck and not CT them, ODDA know what I am talking about! All this and I will then OD you on acetaminophen, come on MAC lets score on this and just run a marathon til we poop blood...yeah is March EMRAP!

March 3

iconDarren B., M.D. commented on Airway Corner – Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Ryan, I try to visualize the upper airway any chance I get including patients with severe … more

March 2

iconANTHONY B. commented on Street Medicine – Shark Attack!
Hey Chris great story, thank you for sharing. I believe one of my staff sent me a video link to the … more

March 1

Thanks for everyone’s tweets regards Peter Rosen award. Any award Amal Mattu has won is a big deal in my book! & Rosen is a true legend
iconKate A. commented on Peanuts - Allergy
what about the evidence for the other treatments typically given - antihistamines H1 and H2 … more
iconEvan S., M.D. commented on Assistant Physician Update
The bill was actually written by a physician member in the legislature and supported by the MSMA … more
iconChristopher S. commented on Introduction
I just finished a residency in South Carolina and I have to say I didn't notice (or even know … more
iconRyan R., A commented on Airway Corner – Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Nasal laryngoscopy was mentioned and seems like it would be a very useful tool in the ED. Does … more
iconA. R., M.D. commented on Medical Myths - Dog Bites
Help needed re puncture wounds. Our group (Urgent Care) is having a debate about this. The hand … more

February 28

iconAlan H. commented on Paper Chase 03 – Clinical Exam to Identify Chest Tube Insertion Site
Question.  •  Would measuring up from the patients xiphoid process with the width of the patients … more
iconDarren B., M.D. commented on Airway Corner – Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Thanks everyone for the cases. By way of caution, we just had an interesting case. Presented with … more

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