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iconEpisode for February 2015

It’s February and time for some infectious disease! Swami introduces the idea of discharging patients with neutropenic fever from the ED. Is he mad?! Mizuho sits down with the CDC’s leading measles epidemiologist to get the straight facts on vaccination, outbreaks, and what we should do if a measles patient strolls into our department. Need to transfer a trauma patient but overwhelmed by all the details? Not to worry, Howie Mell gives his ‘“clip ‘n save” breakdown on making the process smoother than a baby’s bottom. How many things do you need to know about the patient in respiratory distress? Two! Paper chase, vocal cord dysfunction, steroids in asthma, tissue adhesive magic and so much more.

February 1

iconRichard S., Dr commented on Introduction
Content is always great but Audio this month is "The Dogs B*ll*cks" nice one!!! more

January 31

iconZlatan C. commented on The LIN Session - tPA in Pregnancy
Hi Venk, thanks for the comment and questions. There was a good history of this patient taking … more
iconRob O commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
Hi Jackson, Here's an answer to your question from David Newman...  •  As far as what is best for … more
iconHaney M. commented on The National Lecture Series - The 6 Million Dollar Patient - Part1 - LVAD’s
Great question....the ECG can vary widely in patients with LVADs and I'm not aware of anything that … more

January 30

iconAmal M., M.D. commented on Cardiology Corner - Endocarditis Update
I don't recall that they made a big issue of this, but you are correct that the sensitivity will … more
iconVenk Bellamkonda commented on The LIN Session - tPA in Pregnancy
Zlatan, interesting case, and Im glad you all were able to participate in a good outcome. I can't … more
iconVenk Bellamkonda commented on Cardiology Corner - Endocarditis Update
Great summary. One of the remaining diagnoses that is hugely dependent upon a good history and … more

January 29

iconDarren B., M.D. commented on The Back of the Bus - The End of the Backboard?
Rebecca,  •  I would be happy to share our protocol and would love to see what you have put … more
iconSteven C., M.D. commented on Introduction
At some point, Mel, you should credit the production staff and voice actors who help you transform … more
iconJackson H. commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
I am a few months behind here, but this is an amazing segment and discussion, thanks to all! After … more

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