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iconEpisode for April 2015

Spring is here! At least in the northern hemisphere. And what says spring more than a discussion of red, swollen, proptotic eyeballs? Cricoid pressure has not met its final repose. Swami and Minh Le Cong debate its merits and downsides. Olympic snowboarder Shaun White had Tetralogy of Fallot, but a few surgeries later- gold medal. Some kids are not so lucky and have recurrent TET spells. We discuss a novel treatment for these cyanotic emergencies. Scotty Weingart gives his opinion on endtidal CO2. Is it staph, is it strep? Bryan Hayes reviews current lit on managing soft tissue infections. LIN sessions, paper chasing and so much more.

March 31

iconJacques R. P., M.D. commented on LIN Session – Tissue Adhesive
A colleague, Dr. Troy Coon, showed me this trick. For skin avulsions of the pad of the finger … more
iconMargaret H. commented on Simplified Pediatric Metabolic Emergencies
This is pediatric resp emergencies. Can we have the metabolic podcast too? more

March 29

iconVJ commented on OSU Grand Rounds Case 2 – Aphasia
Mel,  •  In your review/commentary; the quote about 63.8 of pt with neuro sx ending up with a … more
iconConstantine P., PA-C commented on Paper Chase 04 – Nebulized Fentanyl vs Intravenous Morphine
Mike and Sanjay, this article sounds very interesting I work in austere places for U.S. Dept of … more

March 27

iconMario P., MD commented on Paper Chase 5: Night Shifts Suck
I tend to do as many as I can back to back, usually I do 3 shifts, one night off, repeated over … more

March 25

iconPål AW commented on Community Medicine Rants - Pain Scales
What are the references for morphine and other pain meds are dissosiative? more

March 24

EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #6 The Top Three Peds EM Articles You Need To Know! http://t.co/niLDimJYtT

March 22

iconpaul f. commented on Introduction
Concern over lawsuits has always driven some over testing, but I have also noted that large … more

March 18

iconAndrew M., M.D. commented on Introduction
Agree that the play on the movie was genius...excellent work! This is why it's so easy to consume … more
iconDiana K. commented on Introduction
HA! This had me LOL and falling off my chair! Funniest rant in a long time. Thanks for the comic … more

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