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iconEpisode for April 2014

It's April and this month we're celebrating fools and taxes! Just kidding, it's pretty much all medical stuff. Rob gets into the blood curdling details of coagulopathy, Mike talks to Greg Henry about how not to get screwed in court, and Michelle has some useful tips for 2 handed ER docs draining peritonsillar abscesses. Also, is that a dead leg or do you just need some thrombolytics? Kenji gives us some more pelvic fracture wisdom including an update on REBOA while Mike and Sanjay discuss giving IV fluids to drunks and CT scans to kids. It's going to be like a sub arachnoid hemorrhage, except with knowledge not blood.

April 16

iconDerek I., M.D. commented on The LIN Sessions - Peritonsillar Abscess and Acute Limb Ischemia
I have tried the glidescope-just does not seem to have the right angle as the Mac blade. Also … more
A new handheld portable overdose treatment is approved http://t.co/7yconOPCyA
iconAnand S., M.D. commented on Mythbusting 1 - Corneal Abrasions and Topical Anesthetics
The tetanus side of this is sketchy. I think we do it more for the public health benefit of keeping … more
iconDavid K. commented on Mythbusting 1 - Corneal Abrasions and Topical Anesthetics
Looking back to post on tetanus for corneal abrasions from Nilesh.  •  The only study on this was … more
iconSean G., M.D. commented on Paper Chase 3 - Parachute Usage
wait a minute.....this was a joke?.....bugger.....I gotta call off an airplane jump me and a few … more
iconSean G., M.D. commented on Bouncebacks - Cassic Cases
I think its important that AMA's get full d/c instructions....too often my nurses think AMA means … more
iconSean G., M.D. commented on Notes from the Community - Coagulopathy in End Stage Liver Disease
Yeah I second that, this podcast actually made hemetology fun.....very interesting and def a … more

April 15

HEM podcast Episode 04 - Serotonin Syndrome http://t.co/m2B2PG6GrE
iconRobert M. H., M.D. commented on Paper Chase 1 - Medical Errors - Handoff Bundle
Bedside hand-off is the only respectful and safe way to do a hand-off. An exception can be made for … more
iconRobert M. H., M.D. commented on Critical Care Mailbag - Therapeutic Hypothermia
Ok. The Propofol drip is 10-30 mcg/Kg/min, right? more

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