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iconEpisode for November 2014

Rob O is back for an action packed EMRAP! It used to be that marijuana was just for getting high, now it’s becoming a legit medicine. Blunt chest trauma can be confusing but Kenji clears the air on the known knowns, known unknowns and sort of faking it. Kids are just little adults except when they’re not, like when they’re septic. Is there ever conflict in your ED? Never again, we say! What do prothrombin complex concentrate, altered mental status and master level wound care have in common? All get the special treatment in November EMRAP.

November 19

iconSean G., M.D. commented on Femoral Lines
Scot I do not believe all the caths in the meta analysis aug critical care med (Marik) were HD … more

November 18

iconShu-Haur O. commented on Introduction
I love how in Australia I don't have any Press Gainey score, and when complaints are made it gets … more
iconMohammed A. commented on Mini Journal Club - Asthma Therapies: What Really Works!
Inhaled epinephrine may also work. more
iconAndrew S. commented on Notes From the Community – Pediatric Sepsis - Part 2
Antipyretics are fine in 30mg/kg loading dose as the real toxic dose in kids would be 140-150mg/kg … more
iconAndrew S. commented on Notes From the Community – Pediatric Sepsis - Part 2
I'm not using dextrose to routinely resus; that would still be LR (Hartmann's) or NS. I do pay … more
iconJay M, MD commented on Notes from the Community - Choosing Wisely!
That's fine until you have a patient whose outcome falls outside the curve, or even a patient who … more
iconJay M, MD commented on Medical Myths - Is Epinephrine in Cardiac Arrest Dead?
Great discussion, Anand. Glad to see you're well. more

November 17

iconAnand S., M.D. commented on Medical Myths - Is Epinephrine in Cardiac Arrest Dead?
Mohammed - thanks for your comments.  •  Epi has clearly been shown to improve ROSC. I think it's … more
iconLuke R. commented on Paper Chase 3 – Putting Oral Contrast to Rest
I'm trying to find this article. What is the name? Where can we find the article's reference on … more

November 16

iconPeter Johns, M.D. commented on Paper Chase 3 - Absorbable Sutures vs Non Absorbable for Extremity Injuries
Hey guys, much snickering about the cosmetic visual analog scale.  •  I got the impression you … more

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