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iconEpisode for September 2014

Mel has been put out to pasture this month and Stuart Swadron and Sean Nordt take the reins. Wow looks like Mel is out of a job! From The Omen references, to live music, to news updates, they do a great job. In addition you will hear about AMA, current chest pain literature, topical analgesia for corneal abrasions, flight medicine pearls, an approach to ankle injuries, whether you need to give hand lacerations antibiotics, how to keep your patients satisfied and SO much more. It is big, large, and bundt cake in shape. It is EMRAP September 2014!

September 15

iconSlayer of Dragons commented on Cardiology Corner - A Common Sense PEA Algorithm
Worked a 65yo gentleman a few weeks ago that, 25mins before arrival, was standing in the living … more
iconShawn S. commented on Paper Chase 3 - Ondansetron in Gastroenteritis
You can also squirt the IV down the mouth with same effect if no liquid or ODT available more
EM:RAP Mini: USC Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds 9-11-2014 http://t.co/DjtC24O5bf
iconMichael F. commented on Mizuho Reviews - Ankle Injury
The Thompson Test should cause plantarflexion of the foot, not dorsiflexion. more

September 13

iconRich H., M.D. commented on This Emergency Life: Good Patients, Bad Patients
I'm sure we all have similar anecdotes in our memories. This seems to be a fine example of … more
Hippo EM Resident Call Room – Families in Residency Pt. 1: Dads http://t.co/zQ3fgB95hk
Hippo EM Podcast Episode 09 – Rectal FB http://t.co/LV9oFDmIwR

September 12

iconc. berg commented on Notes from the Community - Chest Pain Current Literature
You're asking all of the right questions.  •  Interestingly, a lot of work has been done on this … more
iconRoss B. commented on HippoEM Reviews - CHF Update
This is a great segment. Thanks for the thoughts.  •  I have a couple of questions:  •  1) In … more

September 11

iconJoseph M. commented on Paper Chase 6 - Nasotracheal Intubation
Agree with above. I trained 1987-90 and did it alot, typically on COPD or trauma patients. A few … more

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