EM:RAP Emergency Medicine: Reviews and Perspectives

About EM:RAP

Emergency Medicine Reviews And Perspectives is a monthly audio series for Emergency Medical practitioners. Born in September 2001, it now is heard by over 20,000 subscribers every month and is the number 1 audio program in emergency medicine.

EMRAP features a world-class faculty from across the world speaking on a wide range of EM focused topics, all in a tightly edited audio format. Emphasis is added through the lectures by our internationally acclaimed hosts Rob Orman, Anand Swaminathan and Mel Herbert . The production team includes segment producers Josh Kurz and Wendy Roderweiss, and Sound Designer, Bill Connor and a host of exceptional editors and production crew.

Mel introduces the website and gives a quick overview of its use.

Topics covered: email updates, logging in, listening to episodes, adding comments to an episode, subscribing in iTunes, and getting your CME.