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Episode 123 ArtworkDecember 2011

Episode 123

The final episode of 2011 is literally stuffed with goodness. Testicular Torsion, Peds Concussion, RLQ pain in pregnancy and sooo much more..consider it a little holiday cheer from your pals at EM:RAP. Not enough? C3 covers Aortic Dissection..There! Happy now? View chapters…

3hr 56min / 9 chapters
Episode 122 ArtworkNovember 2011

Episode 122

EM:RAP November contains some serious good times. Rob Orman talks a little Afib with Ottawa's own Ian Stiel. Trauma surgeon Jeff Upperman joins Ilene to talk api in kids and is now the newest Herbert man crush. Thats just a taste of whats in store for you. C3 is focusing its goodness on Dental Emergencies. View chapters…

4hr 3min / 9 chapters
Episode 121 ArtworkOctober 2011

Episode 121

This month is a bundt cake infused with Bouncebacks on stroke and TPA, how to reverse the new anticoagulants, a new shoulder relocation technique, the new street drug 'Bath Salts", a community medicine rant, new techniques for pediatric rehydration, the new specialty of acute care Surgery, Rivaroxaban vs Warfarin and Asthma and COPD review! View chapters…

4hr 8min / 10 chapters
Episode 120 ArtworkSeptember 2011

Episode 120

This month we talk about ALL things orthopedics, the humerus, shoulder dislocations, pediatric orthopedics. But that is not all! WE also do D Dimers, thrombolysis for PE, hematuria in kids, a J club on Tamsulosin and much more! View chapters…

4hr 3min / 9 chapters
Episode 119 ArtworkAugust 2011

Episode 119

This month we talk about Stuarts radulopathy, Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, Ketamine use in adults, Random GI topics, Pediatric aspirin and how to make the diagnosis, a great lecture on idiopathic intracranial hypertension and much more View chapters…

3hr 45min / 9 chapters
Episode 118 ArtworkJuly 2011

Episode 118

This month we cover aspirin toxicity, Chronic Pain in the ED, Chest and new LBBB (does it mean anything), A potpourri of ENT badness, Where's my line - again!, the best literate of the last year, and the C3 project is a toxicology review! View chapters…

3hr 58min / 8 chapters
Episode 117 ArtworkJune 2011

Episode 117

Alcohol withdrawal, beyond FFP, and pediatric DKA...That is a heck of a lot of Podcasting. But, it’s not enough for us. Throw in cardiology, rattle snake bites and top it off with your letters and you have EM:RAP for June 2011. C3 puts the focus on hematology this month... Enjoy. View chapters…

3hr 59min / 9 chapters
Episode 116 ArtworkMay 2011

Episode 116

View chapters…

4hr 16min / 10 chapters
Episode 115 ArtworkApril 2011

Episode 115

View chapters…

4hr 9min / 6 chapters
Episode 114 ArtworkMarch 2011

Episode 114

View chapters…

2hr 55min / 8 chapters
Episode 113 ArtworkFebruary 2011

Episode 113

View chapters…

2hr 43min / 8 chapters
Episode 112 ArtworkJanuary 2011

Episode 112

View chapters…

2hr 53min / 9 chapters