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Episode 135 ArtworkDecember 2012

Episode 135

The final Episode of 2012. It has been a great year for EM:RAP. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of our program. It's a labor of love for us and we really do mean it when we say "What you do matters". View chapters…

3hr 58min / 11 chapters
Episode 134 ArtworkNovember 2012

Episode 134

The Penulimate episode of 2012. EM:RAP November is brimming with goodies. New airway devices, small hemothorax, Jim Broselow interview, pediatric fevers, bariatric surgery patients in the ED and so much more. The best part...we do it all for you. View chapters…

3hr 59min / 12 chapters
Episode 133 ArtworkOctober 2012

Episode 133

October 2012 EM:RAP is jam packed with good stuff. Its like eating your grandma's apple pie served with fresh whipped cream and you don't gain an ounce of weight. Seems a bit hyperbolic I know, but I was wondering if anyone reads this stuff View chapters…

4hr 18min / 11 chapters
Episode 132 ArtworkSeptember 2012

Episode 132

View chapters…

3hr 52min / 13 chapters
Episode 131 ArtworkAugust 2012

Episode 131

The big and beefy August 2012 episode is here..chock full of goodness and 100% sure to entertain and inform. View chapters…

3hr 59min / 11 chapters
Episode 130 ArtworkJuly 2012

Episode 130

View chapters…

3hr 58min / 9 chapters
Episode 129 ArtworkJune 2012

Episode 129

The June EM:RAP episode contains a fan favorite, Bouncebacks, featuring Tox cases. We cover Oxygenation, Telemetry, We have a Mini JC segement, Pediatric C-Spine clearance tips, a Cardiology Corner focused on ACS in Women and much more. C3 goes in-depth on Headache and Rhabdomyolysis View chapters…

4hr 6min / 14 chapters
Episode 128 ArtworkMay 2012

Episode 128

EM:RAP for May 2012 is here and overflowing with goodness. Airway Corner leads us off with a look at airway management of the head trauma patient. Also in this edition: Treating family members, Dextramethorphan, thoracotomy in blunt trauma, Pacemakers, common peds toxicology and we finish off with pediatric cardiology. New C3 editor Stuart Swadron rolls us into year two of core content with pediatric respiratory emergencies and STI's. View chapters…

3hr 58min / 11 chapters
Episode 127 ArtworkApril 2012

Episode 127

Your favorite EM show is back..You asked for Passive Oxygenation and we deliver. A talk on bed bugs will leave you itching. Stuart Swadron gets all up in the LVAD. There are 3 RANTs from the crew..that and much more.C3 is all about the loose poopies..yuk! View chapters…

3hr 59min / 11 chapters
Episode 126 ArtworkMarch 2012

Episode 126

Have we got some EM:RAP for you this month! Mike Weinstock leads off with a bouncebacks section that is not to be missed. Up next is Amal Mattu with BER in cardiology corner. Rob Orman joins the conversation with an update on Diabetes with "Rockstar" Endocinologist Liz Stevens. Dave Newman returns with Part 3 of our mini journal club series on diagnostic testing. EM:RAP pediatric guru Ilene Claudius shares some CAP pearls. The RANT segment with Al Sacchetti has CT Angio in its crosshairs this month. Finally Darren Braude Has new feature called "Airway Corner" at least thats what we are calling it this month..Pediatric Abdominal Pain got you down? Then this months C3 is tailored just for you! View chapters…

3hr 58min / 9 chapters
Episode 125 ArtworkFebruary 2012

Episode 125

EM:RAP February 2012 is here and its fully loaded. A great segment on Medical Error leads us off. Then we bring you a Seratonin chat. Al Sacchetti has an Iliaca block RANT. Hypetension, CT in Peds Trauma, Airway Pearls, and a UTI, meningitis bonus. C3 is all Asthma , Pneumothorax, and ARDS..I need to lie down... View chapters…

4hr 3min / 8 chapters
Episode 124 ArtworkJanuary 2012

Episode 124

The Holidays are done and its time to get back at it..We start you off with a look at Priapism. Cord Compression, Propofol Abuse, An In-Depth look at the eye, PE and ECMO are all in this festive first episode of 2012. C3 Is all Trauma this month. Enjoy! View chapters…

4hr 4min / 13 chapters