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Episode 147 ArtworkDecember 2013

Episode 147

It's the end of the year so it's time to go out with a ruptured aneurism and a thunderclap headache! We've packed in 5 Paper Chases including: GI Bleeders and how to NOT stick your patients multiple times in the hand. Sean and Stuart go over the old "ethylene glycol in the coffee" routine, Michelle talks about atomic number 20 (no, it's not strontium), and Ilene and Sol discuss Status Epilepticus with Mimi Lu. Headaches, Kayexalate, Active Shooters, it's all here so load up with some Ketamine and let's go to the EM:RAP happy place! View chapters…

5hr 59min / 19 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 146 ArtworkNovember 2013

Episode 146

It's another month of jam-packed medical information. We start with abdominal ultrasound for kids and go straight into stool transplants. Back pain, pelvic fractures, the orthostatics myth, and Michelle Lin shows you where else to stick the nasal cannula in Tricks of the Trade. Get ready to break in the knowledge - it's more fun than getting tubed! View chapters…

5hr 23min / 15 chapters · 4.25 CME Hours
Episode 145 ArtworkOctober 2013

Episode 145

We crammed a whole lot of learning into this months episode. A Concussion update leads off and then its just one heavy hitter after another. The paper chase covers cancer emergencies, ATLS mythbusting is covered in the Lin sessions,and we answer listener questions. So grab a chair and a big bowl of popcorn and settle in for some quality edu-tainment. View chapters…

5hr 15min / 13 chapters · 4 CME Hours
Episode 144 ArtworkSeptember 2013

Episode 144

This month we turn the program over to Rob Orman and man does he deliver. Packed with Cardiology for the young and the old, A RANT! on consultants, a segment on Femoral lines and so much more. Good on ya Rob! View chapters…

5hr 3min / 11 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 143 ArtworkAugust 2013

Episode 143

This Month on EM:RAP we are excited to debut the addition of the Lin Sessions to the program.This months topics from Michelle include: Anaphylaxis and Pregnancy Tests. Rounding out the show are Pharmacology Mythbusting, HIV in the Peds ED, listener questions and so much more. We think its the best episode we've ever made for this month. View chapters…

5hr 22min / 14 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 142 ArtworkJuly 2013

Episode 142

Welcome to the July EM:RAP. Summer is in full swing and we are loving it. We are proud to bring you some blunt abdominal trauma guidelines, a segment on valproic acid toxicity, a mini jc on heterogeneity, post arrest care tips and so much more. View chapters…

5hr 23min / 15 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 141 ArtworkJune 2013

Episode 141

Half way through the year and showing no signs of letting up. This episode is Soooo good. Overflowing with Pearls to ease the stress of your really important job. You keep saving lives and we will have your backs! We really are in this together. View chapters…

5hr 12min / 12 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 140 ArtworkMay 2013

Episode 140

We are so glad to keep bringing you the best audio program in Emergency Medicine. This month we have a Pertussis update, a discussion on what to do when a child dies, a story about the aftermath of the Aurora CO. shooting and a lot more. View chapters…

5hr 19min / 15 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 139 ArtworkApril 2013

Episode 139

April Fools EM:RAP family. There's no tricks up our sleeves. Our crack faculty cover syncope and the head CT, a review of trauma, STEMI 2013 update, a rousing push-dose pressor rant and debate and so much more. Get that CME done boys and girls. It expires soon. View chapters…

5hr 17min / 12 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 138 ArtworkMarch 2013

Episode 138

The March EM:RAP is a beautiful thing. We discuss TTP, Poison Mushrooms, Pseudoseizures, TCA overdose, Penetrating Neck Injury and so much more. It's good times that will be had by all. So strap in and get ready for big time edumatainment. View chapters…

5hr 18min / 15 chapters · 5.5 CME Hours
Episode 137 ArtworkFebruary 2013

Episode 137

The big show rolls on. February EM:RAP is here. We present, some airway conversations including one focused on Peds, another installment of the popular Bouncebacks, a bit of Cellulitis and MRSA, and finally a bit more on the video scopes vs. DL debate. View chapters…

5hr 22min / 11 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 136 ArtworkJanuary 2013

Episode 136

Its 2013 and your EM:RAP team has a lot of good stuff planned for the new year. Starting off with a jam packed January episode. Lots of Pediatrics, a segment on Cardiac Ultrasound, ACS updates, and a whole lot more. So buckle up its going to be a BIG year. View chapters…

4hr 55min / 15 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours