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Crashing Slowly ArtworkMarch 2017

Crashing Slowly

Rob and Swami kick things off with something for which most of us never received formal training: calling an admission. Does your patient need something for pain? Reuben Strayer says be smart about it and use an algorithmic approach to decide whether or not to use opioids. A patient slowly crashes in a rural ED - Scott Weingart breaks down the play by play. How do you figure out a patient's weight for setting tidal volume? Al Sacchetti says, “Use a tape measure.” And did you ever wonder how you should clean and prep a laceration? Probably not, since you’ve done it so many times, but things you learned in the ‘old school’ might be ready for a new approach. View chapters…

0s / 0 chapters
Bonus ShortBurn Out - Calling a Consultant Artwork

Burn Out - Calling a Consultant

The first in a series on burn out in Emergency Medicine. In this episode, Mel Herbert talks about the anxiety of calling consultants and how he dealt with it. Jess Mason calls for a different approach.

Bonus ShortInfluenza Treatment Pathway Artwork

Influenza Treatment Pathway

Do you ever feel confused as to whom should be tested and/or treated for influenza? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Cam Berg simplifies the process with a seasonally topical ‘influenza clinical pathway’.

20min · Free Episode
Ultrasound of Aortic Dissection ArtworkFebruary 2017

Ultrasound of Aortic Dissection

How to do a Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) to assess for aortic dissection. Presented by Dr. Jacob Avila

Chalazion Injection 2017 ArtworkFebruary 2017

Chalazion Injection 2017

Mel Herbert's chalazion saga continues, this time with an injection of steroid and 5-Fluorouracil to treat his recurrent chalazion. Procedure performed by ophthalmologist, Dr. Edward Lee.

Fish Hook Removal ArtworkFebruary 2017

Fish Hook Removal

A technique for removing a fishhook using wire cutters. Presented by Drs. Jess Mason and Stephanie Benjamin at UCSF Fresno.

Pelvic Binder Placement ArtworkFebruary 2017

Pelvic Binder Placement

Demonstration of the correct placement of a pelvic binder for an open book pelvic fracture with diastasis of the pubic symphysis. Presented by Dr. Jess Mason and Dr. Stewart Kerr.

Bad Bleeds in the Brain and Pelvis ArtworkFebruary 2017

Bad Bleeds in the Brain and Pelvis

How good are you at accepting a compliment from a patient? Do you take the time to listen, or do you end up giving more attention to complaints and insults. The Happy MD gives tips on how to make expressions of gratitude meaningful for you and your patient. Cam Berg is back with an ADP for the evaluation of subarachnoid. What are the critical tests in a patient with threatened miscarriage? Dave Glaser says there is but one. Jedi Master Chris Hicks imparts wisdom in the ED management of pelvic fractures. View chapters…

8hr 22min / 28 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
C3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain ArtworkFebruary 2017

C3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain

As with the elderly, children with abdominal pain are special and require a different diagnostic approach. In this episode of C3, we will consider the general approach to abdominal pain in children. View chapters…

1hr 31min / 5 chapters
Pelvic Fractures ArtworkFebruary 2017

Pelvic Fractures

Some visual emphasis for Bad Pelvic Fractures from February 2017 EM:RAP

Bonus ShortHigh Sensitivity Troponin FDA Approved Artwork

High Sensitivity Troponin FDA Approved

It’s been years in the making and, at long last, a high sensitivity troponin assay has been approved for use in the United States. Is it such a good thing?

Bonus ShortBackPassage Artwork


Mel intros the concept of a new behind the scenes show for the EM:RAP audience...with Rob O and Jess Mason...

6min · Free Episode
Bonus ShortJanuary - Hotsheet - The Great C-Collar Debate Artwork

January - Hotsheet - The Great C-Collar Debate

In our February 2016 episode, we had a segment titled Do we still need the C-Collar. This caused quite a bit of debate amongst the listenership as well trauma specialists across the globe. We can’t give a definitive answer as to the utility of cervical collars, but what we can give is a ringside seat to both sides of the argument. Andy Buck and Chris Colwell are here for round two pros, cons, and ‘we don’t knows’ of the great c-collar debate.

Broken Ankles, Ribs, and Pumps ArtworkJanuary 2017

Broken Ankles, Ribs, and Pumps

Happy New Year! Swami kicks off the festivities with a case of fever and tachycardia that’s … not sepsis. Is point of care urinalysis a good idea in kids. Sam Ashoo breaks down the evidence. Orthopod Uma Ramadorai gives a primer on diagnosis and treatment of ankle fractures. How nervous should you be about rib fractures in the elderly? Kenji says, “Be pragmatic.” Weingart rounds off the head trauma trilogy with a masterclass on micro and macro-management. Strayerisms is all about preventing ETOH withdrawal before it even starts. And even though dying palliative care patients may not get critical care procedures, they still warrant active management. View chapters…

8hr 48min / 26 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Paracentesis ArtworkJanuary 2017


The key steps to performing a paracentesis. Presented by Drs. Jess Mason and Andres Anaya at UCSF Fresno.

C3 - Elderly Abdominal Pain ArtworkJanuary 2017

C3 - Elderly Abdominal Pain

Elderly patients with abdominal pain represent a special population that is much more likely to have a serious life-threatening cause than almost any other presenting complaint. View chapters…

1hr 10min / 6 chapters