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2012  ›  March Episode

Cardiology Corner-Benign Early Repolarization

What's the deal? Is BER really benign? Amal Mattu and the Cardiology Corner will try an clear this up once and for all...until it changes..again!


  • Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM

Comments on Cardiology Corner-Benign Early Repolarization

Brooks W.

It's funny how a podcast about ECGs, without visuals, can still be so engaging. Thanks for the review, and the reassurance!

I have one question though - I was surprised to see BER/ER described as "most often right precordial leads." Where does this observation come from?

Looking at some of the cited articles, for example, both Haïssaguerre and Uberoi did not even consider ER patterns in V1-V3 in their analyses. In his review, Benito also discusses the regional pattern of ER, but only mentions a theoretical possibility of right-precordial ER.


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