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EMA December 2014 ArtworkDecember 2014

EMA December 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “The “Ouchless ED””, an essay “Asymptomatic Bacteriuria”, and an interview “Ultrasonography Vs. CT For Suspected Nephrolithiasis”.

3hr 38min
Episode 159 ArtworkDecember 2014

Episode 159

This is a BIG end to the year here are just some of the topics: Backboards are dead!, the great MAC vs Miller debate, head eating fungi, an algorithmic approach to vascular access in kids, foam to stop hemorrhaging, serum tests of appendicitis diagnosis still suck, diazepam vs. lorazepam smackdown, landshark attack, shut that kid up please - but first check for badness, the faking patient that tries to die is SO embarrassing, send that appendicitis patient to the medical floor nothing for surgery to do here…and renal colic myths galore! View chapters…

7hr 19min / 18 chapters · 4.75 CME Hours
Episode 158 ArtworkNovember 2014

Episode 158

Rob O is back for an action packed EM:RAP! It used to be that marijuana was just for getting high, now it’s becoming a legit medicine. Blunt chest trauma can be confusing but Kenji clears the air on the known knowns, known unknowns and sort of faking it. Kids are just little adults except when they’re not, like when they’re septic. Is there ever conflict in your ED? Never again, we say! What do prothrombin complex concentrate, altered mental status and master level wound care have in common? All get the special treatment in November EM:RAP. View chapters…

9hr 30min / 21 chapters · 6.25 CME Hours
EMA November 2014 ArtworkNovember 2014

EMA November 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “High Sensitivity Troponins – Rapid Rule-outs?”, an essay “Mobile Stroke Centers, What Next?”, and an interview “Factors Associated With Prolonged Observations Service Stays”.

3hr 52min
EMA October 2014 ArtworkOctober 2014

EMA October 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Ketamine – Even More Uses”, an essay “Retail Clinics, Flu Shots And Tamiflu”, and an interview “Parent's Judgement Of The Credibility Of Clinician Communication”.

3hr 29min
Episode 157 ArtworkOctober 2014

Episode 157

Imagine this... an audio program that included in just one month, a discussion on IV contrast myths, thrombolysis for PE, talked about a new long acting opioid drug, Fentanyl for prehospital care, how to look after patients with LVAD’s, absorbable vs. nonabsorbable sutures, adult epiglottitis, steroids for sore throats, an approach to altered mental status and so much more! We would say it is not possible! You would say it must be some special bundt cake chocolate covered edition covered in cream and served warm with a scoop of ice would be right, and you are welcome! View chapters…

8hr 32min / 21 chapters · 4.75 CME Hours
EMA September 2014 ArtworkSeptember 2014

EMA September 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Treatment Variability – Art Vs. Science”, an essay “Emrs In The ED, Who Pays”, and an interview “Contraindicated Medical Practices”.

3hr 24min
Episode 156 ArtworkSeptember 2014

Episode 156

Mel has been put out to pasture this month and Stuart Swadron and Sean Nordt take the reins. Wow looks like Mel is out of a job! From The Omen references, to live music, to news updates, they do a great job. In addition you will hear about AMA, current chest pain literature, topical analgesia for corneal abrasions, flight medicine pearls, an approach to ankle injuries, whether you need to give hand lacerations antibiotics, how to keep your patients satisfied and SO much more. It is big, large, and bundt cake in shape. It is EM:RAP September 2014! View chapters…

9hr 15min / 20 chapters · 5 CME Hours
EMA August 2014 ArtworkAugust 2014

EMA August 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Early Pregnancy Pearls, Part 2”, an essay “Overdiagnosis / Overtreatment, Part 2”, and an interview “ED Operations And The Influence Of The Electronic Medical Record”.

3hr 9min
Episode 155 ArtworkAugust 2014

Episode 155

It may be summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) but but bronchiolitis season will be here before you know it-we’ve got it covered. Amal Mattu makes sense of the mysteries of PEA, Weingart gets septic, Nordt tries to avoid getting pregnant and backboards may be going out the back door. View chapters…

9hr 6min / 23 chapters · 5 CME Hours
EMA July 2014 ArtworkJuly 2014

EMA July 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Early Pregnancy Pearls, Part 1”, an essay “Overdiagnosis / Overtreatment, Part 1”, and an interview “Observation Medicine”.

3hr 39min
Episode 154 ArtworkJuly 2014

Episode 154

This month is packed full of so much loveliness that it will make your head explode! We got cardiology, antibiotics for cardiac arrest, sucking the nose like hell for bronchiolitis, pediatric sepsis therapy (yes again!), nurses running codes, wide complex tachycardia badness, asthma therapies that really work, and a great discussion about those devil drugs tylenol and NSAIDs and how they will make your children's bones stop growing and give them ADHD. Not enough? How about more on chest pain decision rules, what to do when the psychiatric is out, should you CT scan patients with renal colic...I know so much good stuff! View chapters…

9hr 21min / 21 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
Episode 153 ArtworkJune 2014

Episode 153

It’s June and a time to choose wisely, when your BPPV and encephalitis act up. It will not be a month to lay sedated while being sued for smoking wax. A month so good your BP will sky rocket, you will stroke, you will die, epinephrine will not bring you back, and your tummy will hurt like you are 90 years old. Did it...made a stupid summary that contains all the elements from this month’s audio…you’re welcome listeners. View chapters…

7hr 25min / 21 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
EMA June 2014 ArtworkJune 2014

EMA June 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Acute Ischemic Stroke – Update 2013”, an essay “Is The Plain X-ray Dead?”, and an interview “Sigmoid Diverticulitis”.

3hr 52min
Episode 152 ArtworkMay 2014

Episode 152

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is time for some RAP-if-Fa-K-Shun! Let's talk peds arrhythmias, abscess myths, pain scales, GIANT DVT’s, Molly, pneumothorax, and the old question can guys accurately estimate length! There is so much more, it will make your brain explode with the chocolatey loveliness that is this month's offering. View chapters…

8hr 58min / 23 chapters · 4.75 CME Hours
EMA May 2014 ArtworkMay 2014

EMA May 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Dizziness In The Emergency Department”, an essay “Opiates – Too Little, Too Much”, and an interview “Emergence Of Ultra Low Dose CT”.

3hr 39min
Episode 151 ArtworkApril 2014

Episode 151

It's April and this month we're celebrating fools and taxes! Just kidding, it's pretty much all medical stuff. Rob gets into the blood curdling details of coagulopathy, Mike talks to Greg Henry about how not to get screwed in court, and Michelle has some useful tips for 2 handed ER docs draining peritonsillar abscesses. Also, is that a dead leg or do you just need some thrombolytics? Kenji gives us some more pelvic fracture wisdom including an update on REBOA while Mike and Sanjay discuss giving IV fluids to drunks and CT scans to kids. It's going to be like a sub arachnoid hemorrhage, except with knowledge not blood. View chapters…

7hr 30min / 17 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
EMA April 2014 ArtworkApril 2014

EMA April 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Choosing Wisely”, an essay “PE – Inexplicable Diagnostic Variability”, and an interview “Non-publication Of Clinical Trials”.

3hr 51min
Episode 150 ArtworkMarch 2014

Episode 150

It's March! The month Caesar died and James Madison was born. Also, it's the month on EM:RAP we discuss draining sacs of pus, getting bitten by dogs, nose bleeds, and a new flesh eating wonder drug from Russia named after a reptile. Also Mizuho talks tPA in kids, Sanjay and Mike discuss rampant scanning for PEs, Michelle explains how to remove a contact lens from your brain, and Kenji tells us why trauma patients don't always need a finger up the butt. It's more fun than getting stabbed by your best friend on the senate floor! View chapters…

7hr 15min / 19 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours
EMA March 2014 ArtworkMarch 2014

EMA March 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Sepsis 2013”, an essay “Too Much Research, Not Enough Knowledge”, and an interview “Asymptomatic Bacteriuria”.

2hr 56min
EMA February 2014 ArtworkFebruary 2014

EMA February 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Acute Shoulder Disorders”, an essay “Acknowledging Error / More Big Bills”, and an interview “Ctas In Low Risk Chest Pain”.

3hr 11min
Episode 149 ArtworkFebruary 2014

Episode 149

It's February ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! And time once again to push stuff down your throat and up your nose. Sanjay and Mike take more Ketamine, Amal homes in on the REAL unstable Angina, and Mizuho discusses why it's perfectly natural to collapse after running a marathon. Plus, Palliative care with Rob, Mel urinates on his iPhone, and Al discusses how to pump EVEN MORE oxygen into your brain. View chapters…

7hr 12min / 16 chapters · 4.25 CME Hours
EMA January 2014 ArtworkJanuary 2014

EMA January 2014

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts and an essay “Big Pharma – Big Fines / Bigger Profits”.

2hr 18min
Episode 148 ArtworkJanuary 2014

Episode 148

Doctors! It's 2014 and kicking off the New Year is an EM:RAP episode that'll freeze your ascending colon off and anti-coagulate your brain. Aspirin for STEMI, Clindamyacin for MRSA, DKA, PPIs, and everyone's favorite acronym tPA! Plus, corneal abrasion myths, hypothermia, and how to ventilate a fat man. So sit back and chill out - it's the first EM:RAP of 2014 View chapters…

7hr 45min / 18 chapters · 4.75 CME Hours