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Bonus ShortEM:RAP 2016 Year in Review Artwork

EM:RAP 2016 Year in Review

A bit of holiday goodness from the EM:RAP team.The highest of the high points and the pearliest pearls from each month in 2016. View chapters…

37min / one chapter
Bonus ShortJust Enough Ketorolac Artwork

Just Enough Ketorolac

How much ketorolac do you need to treat a patient’s pain? Historically, it’s been 60mg IM and 30 mg IV. We’ve heard over the years that the therapeutic ceiling is probably quite a bit lower and now a study has said just that. View chapters…

3min / one chapter · Free Episode
Pneumonia in the Hotseat ArtworkDecember 2016

Pneumonia in the Hotseat

For the final episode of 2016, Cam Berg returns with a new ADP. This time pneumonia gets put under the microscope and you may never think about it the same. Sol and Ilene learn that not all urticaria is an allergic reaction. Weingart walks us through his approach to post intubation care in head injury. Is your CPR high performance? It’s probably pretty good, but Josh Bucher is going to make it even better. Chris Doty gives a powerful and painful lesson on managing the stresses of EM. Foot fractures become demystified by Dr. Ramadorai and a new approach to febrile infants is revealed. View chapters…

8hr 37min / 24 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
EMA December 2016 ArtworkDecember 2016

EMA December 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Is The C-spine X-ray Dead?”, an essay “Integrating Healthcare From Pre-hospital To Recovery”, an interview “Right Care Alliance”, and reflections of a skeptic “Hot Spotting In Healthcare”.

3hr 27min
C3 - Back Pain ArtworkDecember 2016

C3 - Back Pain

Most patients with back pain do not require extensive diagnostic evaluation in the ED. The role of the emergency provider is twofold – to help alleviate pain and to consider the life-threatening diagnoses that may present with back pain.

Bonus ShortNovember Hotsheet Artwork

November Hotsheet

In this month's Hotsheet Rob and Mel go over the EM:RAP CME survey, ondansetron in pregnant patients, IV nitro in CHF, and tamsulosin in renal colic View chapters…

9min / one chapter
EMA November 2016 ArtworkNovember 2016

EMA November 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Antivirals For Influenza”, an essay “The Congestive Heart Failure Epidemic: What’s New For The Emergency Physician In 2016?”, an interview “CT Angiogram As An Alternative To LP”, and reflections of a skeptic “Overdiagnosed”.

4hr 40min
Penetrating the Neck ArtworkNovember 2016

Penetrating the Neck

Do you ever find yourself vacillating on whether or not to cric a critical patient? Weingart reveals his Cricon 2 system that simplifies the decision making. Greg Moran is back for a deeper dive into TB. That sounds unseemly. Hot prostates get an ice bath and Strayer injects some trigger points. Is that stab wound to the neck worth exploring? Miz and Kenji commune with the platysma. And are you a fan of succinylcholine, feeling like it’s gotten a bad rap? Sux Strikes Back! View chapters…

8hr 25min / 26 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
C3 - Syncope ArtworkNovember 2016

C3 - Syncope

The majority of patients who present after a syncopal episode are safe for discharge from the ED after a focused history, physical examination and ECG. In some cases, a life-threatening cause will be found in the ED. In others, such as those with other cardiac symptoms and implantable cardiac devices, the risk for adverse events is too high and patients are admitted to a monitored setting for further evaluation. The C3 team discuss a practical step-by-step approach to the patient with syncope.

Bonus ShortSyncope and PE Artwork

Syncope and PE

In this short, we explore the unbelievable results of the PESIT study. View chapters…

8min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortOctober Hotsheet Artwork

October Hotsheet

In this month’s Hotsheet, we dive deep into the naloxone autoinjector with emergency physicians Aaron Orkin and Michelle Klaiman. View chapters…

18min / one chapter
Bonus ShortC3 October 2016 Letters Comments and Rants Artwork

C3 October 2016 Letters Comments and Rants

Mel discusses some important questions from the C3 audience on vag bleeding in the pregnant and non-pregnant patient and the use of TXA, bed and pelvic rest. He also discusses reversing beta-blockers in the asthma patient and goes deep philosophical about C3 vs EMRAP main show. Enjoy.

Say Hello to BRUE ArtworkOctober 2016

Say Hello to BRUE

ALTE gets a much deserved retirement as BRUE takes the stage. Are your discharge instructions all that they should be? Matt Delaney keeps it simple. Think you know pulmonary edema? Strayerisms takes it up a notch. Keeping it in the lungs, we’ve got a double header with Jeff Kline on PE EKGs and John Greenwood explaining the seemingly unexplainable-pulmonary hypertension. And everyone’s favorite bounceback, Mike Weinstock, is back with tips on communicating with midlevel providers. View chapters…

9hr 18min / 23 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
EMA October 2016 ArtworkOctober 2016

EMA October 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Endovascular Therapy For Ischemic Stroke”, an essay “Disparate Healthcare”, an interview “Care Of The Agitated Patient”, and reflections of a skeptic “That’s The Journal’s Responsibility... Isn’t It?”.

4hr 28min
C3 - Non Pregnant Vaginal Bleeding ArtworkOctober 2016

C3 - Non Pregnant Vaginal Bleeding

After pregnancy has been ruled out, the differential diagnosis of patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding can be divided into structural and non-structural causes. Most are stable and can be managed safely as outpatients. The C3 team discuss a practical step-by-step approach to the non-pregnant patient with vaginal bleeding.

Bonus ShortEM:RAP’s Birthday! Artwork

EM:RAP’s Birthday!

15 years ago, EM:RAP got it’s bottom spanked and the world has never been the same. View chapters…

2min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortSeptember Hotsheet - EpiPen, PATCH, and PEAPETT Artwork

September Hotsheet - EpiPen, PATCH, and PEAPETT

In this edition… 10 years ago, an EpiPen 2 pack cost around $100 US. Now, it’s $600. What’s going on? Rob and Mel discuss. The PATCH study found that in patients who were on antiplatelet agents and had a spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage, giving platelets increased the risk of both death and poor neurologic outcomes. Should you give lytics in the PEA patient in whom you suspect pulmonary embolism? A recent series of 23 patients with PE and PEA demonstrated survival after getting a dose of TPA. View chapters…

7min / one chapter
The Return ArtworkSeptember 2016

The Return

This month we line up a series of mind blowing talks. From thinking about thinking to giving hypertonic saline to runners, from tricks about how to put chest tubes in obese patients to reducing the human right violation that is an NG tube. Mel Herbert makes a return to the main show with Miz Spangler while Rob and Anand get a much deserved rest. It is going to be big, large and huge and oh yes, bundt cake in nature! View chapters…

9hr 47min / 22 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
C3 - First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding ArtworkSeptember 2016

C3 - First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding

The C3 gang discusses management of both the stable and unstable patient who presents with vaginal bleeding in the first trimester.

1hr 24min
EMA September 2016 ArtworkSeptember 2016

EMA September 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Bronchiolitis, 2014 Aap Guidelines”, an essay “Opioid Epidemic, Debatable Emergency Medicine Culpability And Proactive Problem-solving”, an interview “The Inverted U Curve And Emergency Medicine: Overdiagnosis And The Law Of Unintended Consequences”, and reflections of a skeptic “Quality Matters Vs. Quality Measures”.

3hr 22min
Bonus ShortAugust Hotsheet - Calf DVT Artwork

August Hotsheet - Calf DVT

In this month’s hotsheet…A new emrap feature: The Mid Month Memory Massage. New data on what happens with calf clots that do and don’t get anticoagulation. Challenge coin winners View chapters…

8min / one chapter
EMA August 2016 ArtworkAugust 2016

EMA August 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Protective Ventilation / High Flow Therapy”, an essay “Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (Hems): Cost And Common Sense Dimensions In Prehospital Care And Inter-facility Trauma Patient Transfers”, an interview “Discussion Of "I Was A Spectacle… A Freak Show At The Circus": A Transgender Person's ED Experience”, and reflections of a skeptic “Anechoic Effect With Roy Poses MD”.

4hr 38min
C3 - Asthma ArtworkAugust 2016

C3 - Asthma

This month Mel & Stuart discuss the "Crashing" & "Stable" asthmatic.

1hr 9min
Can You Pick Your Friend's Nose? ArtworkAugust 2016

Can You Pick Your Friend's Nose?

Reuben Strayerisms has fighting words for succinylcholine. Brace for impact! Confused in TIA management and dispo? Cam Berg clears the obfuscation. Patrick Bafuma tells us why we shouldn’t pick your friend’s nose, unless we use midazolam. Intussusception can masquerade as a seemingly benign presentation, but a few pearls may help make the diagnosis. Should we use phenylephrine in sepsis? Weingart weighs in. Frequent flyers, plastic surgeons, and a bunch of ganja problems all in this month’s star studded episode. View chapters…

8hr 58min / 29 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Bonus ShortProcainamide vs Amiodarone Artwork

Procainamide vs Amiodarone

Published in the European Heart Journal on June 28, 2016: Randomized comparison of intravenous procainamide vs. intravenous amiodarone for the acute treatment of tolerated wide QRS tachycardia: the PROCAMIO study. View chapters…

2min / one chapter
Bonus ShortVagal Maneuvers Artwork

Vagal Maneuvers

Jessica Mason gives the basics and advanced course on the hows, whats, and whys of vagal maneuvers. Plus, Rob and Mel talk challenge coins and app updates. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
EMA July 2016 ArtworkJuly 2016

EMA July 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “The Heart Score For Chest Pain Patients”, an essay “Esophageal Foreign Bodies”, an interview “Patient Controlled Analgesia In The ED”, and reflections of a skeptic “P Values… And Other Things To Fool US”.

4hr 15min
C3 - Dyspnea Part II ArtworkJuly 2016

C3 - Dyspnea Part II

Most patients with dyspnea will have a common cardiopulmonary cause (i.e.: pneumonia, CHF, pulmonary embolism, MI, asthma, COPD etc.). The C3 team discusses a practical step-by-step approach to your patient with dyspnea, to help you determine what is their underlying cause of shortness of breath and what to do about it.

1hr 57min
Break Through The Plateau ArtworkJuly 2016

Break Through The Plateau

It’s a case of classic trauma dogma: never ever splint a rib fracture. Rob and Swami explore the (limited) evidence supporting and refuting this idea. Sacchetti rediscovers empathy in an unlikely place. Kenji gives his thoughts on managing non-lethal stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. Billy and Stu troll for pyelo. Tibial plateaus get broken, fixed, and put under the microscope. First there was RSI, then DSI, now rapid sequence awake intubation. Whaaaat?? All that and much more on this month’s EM:RAP spectacular. View chapters…

9hr 54min / 24 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Bonus ShortFentanyl is Some Bad %&#* Artwork

Fentanyl is Some Bad %&#*

Fentanyl is a potent opioid that we love for its fast on and fast off effects. However, it is widely abused as an illicit street drug, known as 50 times more potent than heroin. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
Bonus ShortATACH-2 Trial Artwork

ATACH-2 Trial

Mel and Rob review the ATACH-2 study for BP management in intracranial bleeding. I got good news and bad news...the good news...we already know the bad news... View chapters…

5min / one chapter
Shock, Asthma, and Fingertips ArtworkJune 2016

Shock, Asthma, and Fingertips

What do crushed fingertips and CHF have in common? Not much, except they’re both in this month’s episode. Kenji and Miz take on neurogenic shock and the nebulous ‘permissive hypotension’. Are some antibiotics worse when it comes to risk for C diff? You betcha. Jess tells the take of some weird neuro symptoms that ended up being a big deal. When it comes to managing critical kids, Simon Carley says our resuscitationist mindset will serve us well. Scotty W sets the vent for the intubated asthmatic. Our chest pain med mal case concludes. And should you medically treat your friends and family? Find out in this June 2016 EM:RAP. View chapters…

9hr 59min / 27 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
EMA June 2016 ArtworkJune 2016

EMA June 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Pneumonia - X-ray Or Ultrasound?”, an essay ““high-quality” CPR: Is A Mechanical Device Better Than Manual CPR?”, an interview “Evidence-based Medicine Has Been Hijacked: A Report To David Sackett”, and reflections of a skeptic “Part 1: The Poor Die Earlier & Part 2: Odds Ratios Vs Risk Ratios”.

3hr 29min
Bonus ShortC3 - Dyspnea - Part1 Artwork

C3 - Dyspnea - Part1

Most patients with dyspnea will have a common cardiopulmonary cause (i.e.: pneumonia, CHF, pulmonary embolism, MI, asthma, COPD etc.). For the sake of our learning, in Part 1 we are going to deal with all of the other major causes of dyspnea that are often missed when we assume a cause in the heart and lungs.

Bonus ShortActive Shooter: Update 2016 Artwork

Active Shooter: Update 2016

We think this is an important topic, so we reached out to Dr. Mike Clumpner Ph.D. to give us an update. View chapters…

20min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortPaper Chase Special Artwork

Paper Chase Special

There’s no paperchase in this month’s EM:RAP episode, but fear not, we’ve got one for you right here! View chapters…

15min / one chapter
Bonus ShortC3 - Minor/Stable GI Bleeding Artwork

C3 - Minor/Stable GI Bleeding

In last month’s episode, we dealt with patients who were obviously bleeding to death. Most patients with GI bleeding present with far less drama. The stakes here are high because the mortality of patients with GI bleeding are substantial.

Snake Bites and The Missed MI ArtworkMay 2016

Snake Bites and The Missed MI

We send a lot of patients to the ICU, but what are the intensivists not telling us? Peter W gives the inside scoop. Ever delivered a baby in the ED? How about a breach? Chris Doty walks through managing perinatal disasters. Part one of a med mal case with recorded deposition testimony. Do you focus on wellness in your practice. Dike Drummond says you should. It’s OK to use peripheral vasopressors, as long as you're vigilant. Breast abscess doesn’t always need an I and D, so says Sacchetti. Ovarian torsion is often more myth than fact, Matt Delaney gives some clarity. And what’s the deal with seat belt signs? Kenji lifts the mist of confusion. All that and much more in the May 2016 EM:RAP. View chapters…

10hr 8min / 25 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
EMA May 2016 ArtworkMay 2016

EMA May 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Fever In The Returned Traveler”, an essay “Palliative Care Screening In The ED”, an interview “Thoracic Injury Identified By Chest CT But Not Chest Radiography In Blunt Trauma”, and reflections of a skeptic “Listener's Choice”.

4hr 48min
Bonus ShortAbscess + Antibiotics = Better Outcome? Artwork

Abscess + Antibiotics = Better Outcome?

Current thinking is that incision and drainage of a simple cutaneous abscess is enough. Meaning no antibiotics needed. But can we do better? View chapters…

16min / one chapter
Bonus ShortAmiodarone, Lidocaine or Placebo for Cardiac Arrest? Artwork

Amiodarone, Lidocaine or Placebo for Cardiac Arrest?

Mel and Rob discuss a brand new randomized trial of active drugs vs. nothing for cardiac arrest that found that they still don’t work, but the door is not totally closed! View chapters…

2min / one chapter
Stabbed With A Needlestick ArtworkApril 2016

Stabbed With A Needlestick

Strap in for some splendidness, as trauma team leader Chris Hicks deconstructs the initial steps in managing a patient with penetrating chest trauma. Do you ever feel frustrated when managing patients with body fluid exposure? Greg Moran gives a primer on management and who you should consider for post exposure prophylaxis. Last month it was outpatient burns, now it’s time for the major players- third degree, Parkland formula, who needs intubation… Scotty Weingart opens the critical care mailbag on hypotensive SVT patients. Physostigmine, transvenous pacers, extraglottic airways, and Howie Mell’s top radio hits, all in this month’s EM:RAP! View chapters…

9hr 54min / 23 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Bonus ShortC3 - Massive GI Bleed Artwork

C3 - Massive GI Bleed

The unstable patient with massive gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is one of the most dramatic things we will encounter in the ED.

EMA April 2016 ArtworkApril 2016

EMA April 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Management Of End-of-life (Eol) Issues In The ED”, an essay “Spinal Epidural Abscess”, an interview “The Modified Sgarbossa Criteria”, and reflections of a skeptic “Physiologic Reasoning”.

3hr 53min
Bonus ShortNew Venous Thromboembolism Guidelines Artwork

New Venous Thromboembolism Guidelines

Hot off the press Antithrombotic Therapy for VTE Disease: CHEST Guideline published in February 2016 addresses the clinical quagmire debated in this month’s show: Should we anticoagulate patients with subsegmental pulmonary embolism? View chapters…

6min / one chapter
EMA March 2016 ArtworkMarch 2016

EMA March 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Optimal Management Of Skin Abscesses: The 2014 Idsa Guidelines And More”, an essay “Shared Decision Making In Emergency Medicine: Understanding Rationale, Appropriateness, And Reasonable Approaches”, an interview “Thrombosis”, and reflections of a skeptic “When The Doctor's Away, The Mice… Don't Actually Play”.

4hr 8min
Bonus ShortC3 - Altered Mental Status - Part 2 Artwork

C3 - Altered Mental Status - Part 2

Stuart and Mizuho continue their discussion about AMS, and discuss less common but interesting causes of AMS, including clinical findings, workup and management of these various diagnoses.

Spring Forward Into PE ArtworkMarch 2016

Spring Forward Into PE

Spring is here and what a perfect time to talk PE. It’s a two for one special with a subsegmental PE battle for the ages between Tom Deloughery and Jeff Kline. Jeff returns later in the show for some PE in pregnancy mythbusting. Jess Mason and burn surgeon Chuck Yowler give us the skinny on second degree burns. Remember Icatibant, the miracle drug for ACE-I angioedema? There is some new data on it that may shock you. It seems like we talk low risk chest pain every month, but what does it really mean? Mike “Bouncebacks” Weinstock clears the air. That and so much more in this month's action packed medical exultation extravaganza. View chapters…

9hr 41min / 26 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Bonus ShortEM:RAP Special Report: Concussion Artwork

EM:RAP Special Report: Concussion

On this episode we discuss concussions, the sequelae that happen as a result of concussions, and the long term effects of repeated head trauma. We seek answers from “Captain Cortex”, Prof. Stuart Swadron. Medical team physician for the Cleveland Indians, Dr Tom Waters, explains the process of assessing when an injured player in the NFL can go back in the game. Dave’s personal trainer, Steven Yates, talks about his experience with concussions, as a former college football player, and Jess speaks to a young patient and his mother, who recently came into the ER after a head injury, about their story. View chapters…

36min / one chapter
A Fib Gets The Royal Treatment ArtworkFebruary 2016

A Fib Gets The Royal Treatment

It’s deep winter in the northern hemisphere which can only mean one thing… Cam Berg is back with a new treatment pathway. This time, it’s all about atrial fibrillation. Out of hospital cardiac arrest, using two defibrillators? It’s a real thing. Bryan Hayes puts NSAIDS, tramadol, and antidepressants under his jaundiced eye and the results may surprise you. We’ve got a trauma double feature - a new decision instrument for chest CT and thinking about retirement for the C-Collar. Reuben Strayer is back with a plea for more bougies, and more cowbell! View chapters…

8hr 26min / 27 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
EMA February 2016 ArtworkFebruary 2016

EMA February 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “From Cellulitis To Necrotizing Fasciitis: Assessing The 2014 Idsa Soft Tissue Infection Treatment Guidelines”, an essay “Acute Undifferentiated Agitation (Aua) In The Emergency Department: Choices For Pharmacologic Restraint”, an interview “Acute And Differentiated Agitation In The ED”, and reflections of a skeptic “First Do No Harm... Not Exactly”.

4hr 20min
Bonus ShortC3 - Altered Mental Status - Part 1 Artwork

C3 - Altered Mental Status - Part 1

The differential diagnosis for altered mental status is extremely broad. Stuart Swadron MD and Mizuho Spangler DO discuss the most common causes of AMS and review a practical approach to initially assessing a patient with undifferentiated AMS.

Bonus ShortJust How Good is CT in Diagnosing Subarachnoid Hemorrhage? Artwork

Just How Good is CT in Diagnosing Subarachnoid Hemorrhage?

Hot off the press, Sensitivity of Early Brain Computed Tomography to Exclude Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis View chapters…

10min / one chapter
Bonus ShortZika Virus Artwork

Zika Virus

Ilene Claudius and Mizuho Spangler gives and short overview of the Zika virus View chapters…

6min / one chapter
Bonus ShortVascular Injury in Extremity Trauma Artwork

Vascular Injury in Extremity Trauma

A trauma patient rolls in the door following a gunshot wound to the leg. Do they need to go straight to the OR? Can they wait for a CT angiography? Are they just fine and not in need of any surgical management? Jess Mason reviews the hard and soft signs of extremity vascular injury. View chapters…

6min / one chapter
Bonus ShortC3 - Headache Artwork

C3 - Headache

A unique approach to the patient with headache with an emphasis on “Red Flag” symptoms and signs

36min · Free Episode
EMA January 2016 ArtworkJanuary 2016

EMA January 2016

This month’s EMA episode includes 30 abstracts, a bonus lecture “Blood: The Liquid Tissue Transplant”, an essay “Abgs Vs. Vbgs”, an interview “Do We Understand What Stroke Mimics Are?”, and reflections of a skeptic “The Patient Is The Enemy... Not!”.

4hr 43min
Cracking The Chest ArtworkJanuary 2016

Cracking The Chest

Happy New Year and welcome to the thoracotomy extravaganza! Kenji Inaba breaks down not only the indicators for, but a how to guide on, emergency department thoracotomy. When is a UTI not a UTI? When there are no symptoms (at least in adults). Amiodarone is becoming as ubiquitous as Mel saying “buttocks”, but patients on this drug are at risk for some serious complications. Should all agitated mental health patients get immediate high dose sedation? Dan Mccollum says we can be more thoughtful to each patient’s needs. And we can’t forget about THAM, you know, THAM, tris-hydroxymethyl aminomethane, yeah that stuff. The ‘better bicarb’. Don’t worry, we’d never heard of it either. January EMRAP, here we go!... View chapters…

7hr 56min / 26 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free