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EM:RAP LLSA 2017 ArtworkApril 2018


A tight focused review of the key points from the LLSA 2017 ABEM reading list. Listen to the audio and take the attached quiz (in PDF form) and you will be ready for the ABEM LLSA test. View chapters…

38min / 14 chapters
EM:RAP Crunch Time Preview - Infectious Disease ArtworkApril 2018

EM:RAP Crunch Time Preview - Infectious Disease

This is a preview of our coming soon EM:RAP board review course called CrunchTime, July 2018 View chapters…

15min / 4 chapters
Bonus ShortEM:RAP 2018 April - Hotpocket Artwork

EM:RAP 2018 April - Hotpocket

Darren Braude gets us prepared for another shortage, this time it's Ketamine. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
EM:RAP 2018 April ArtworkApril 2018

EM:RAP 2018 April

It's April, and this month Mel and Stuart cover, SCIWORA, Chance Fractures, RA in the ED, Lactate, Insulin OD, Vertigo, Kinship and more. View chapters…

8hr 11min / 20 chapters · 6 CME Hours
C3 - Chest Pain in Young Patients ArtworkApril 2018

C3 - Chest Pain in Young Patients

In this episode of C3, we review an approach to younger patients with chest pain.

1hr 22min
EMA 2018 April ArtworkApril 2018

EMA 2018 April

This month, Jan Shoenberger and Ramin Tabatabai review 30 articles. Mel and Vanessa give us their Ultra Summary and Jerry Deep Dives on a selection of this months abstracts. Rick Rants about opioid addiction treatment in the USA (or the lack thereof) and Ken talks a little nerdy about BRUE (Brief Resolved Unexplained Events). Jerry is joined by Dr. Michael S. Wilkes for his Reflections of a Skeptic about money and academic medicine. Finally, Mel takes a look into the EMA archives for his That Was Then This is Now segment about diagnosis of scaphoid fractures.

4hr 29min · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortEM:RAP 2018 March Hotpocket Artwork

EM:RAP 2018 March Hotpocket

Zack Shinar and Joe Belezzo with a response to the October 2017 - Cardiology Corner – What REALLY Works in Cardiac Arrest segment View chapters…

15min / one chapter
A Bad Day for the Mediastinum ArtworkMarch 2018

A Bad Day for the Mediastinum

This month we cover Knee Dislocations, Pediatric UTI, Perforated Eardrum, Rhabdomyolysis, Intoxicated Patients, Mass Sociogenic Illness and more. View chapters…

9hr 9min / 28 chapters · 6 CME Hours
EMA 2018 March ArtworkMarch 2018

EMA 2018 March

For the March EMA episode Jan Shoenberger and Billy Mallon tackle 30 great papers. Vanessa Cardy joins Mel Herbert for the Ultra Summary and Jerry Hoffman again Deep Dives a selection of this month’s abstracts. Rick Bukata rants about surprise medical bills and Ken Milne talks a little nerdy about assessing suicide risk in the ED. Jerry Hoffman is joined by Jeanne Lenzer for his “Reflections of a Skeptic” segment and finally Mel Herbert looks at the use of tap water for wound irrigation.

4hr 6min · 6 CME Hours
C3 - Sore Throat ArtworkMarch 2018

C3 - Sore Throat

In this episode of C3, we review an approach to patients with sore throat. The causes of sore throat range from benign and self-limited to life threatening airway obstructions. We will discuss a basic approach to patients with sore throat, the warning signs for life threats, and the management of low acuity pharyngitis.

1hr 19min
Bonus ShortFebruary 2018 - Hotpocket Artwork

February 2018 - Hotpocket

Steroids in Sepsis and EMRAP is BACK at a Live Conference! View chapters…

6min / one chapter
C3 - TIA ArtworkFebruary 2018

C3 - TIA

In this episode of C3, we review the management of the patient with transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Ready, Set, Pause... ArtworkFebruary 2018

Ready, Set, Pause...

Sometimes we all need to pause. View chapters…

8hr 47min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours
EMA 2018 February ArtworkFebruary 2018

EMA 2018 February

The February EMA Episode begins with Jan Shoenberger, Stuart Swadron and Ramin Tabatabai introducing the episode and reviewing the contents. Jan Shoenberger and Ramin Tabatabai then discuss this month’s 30 abstracts. This is followed by Mel and Stuart’s Ultra Summary and Jerry’s Deep Dive. Rick Rants about drug prices in the United States while Ken Milne reviews low back pain. Jerry reflects on chart reviews and Mel takes a look at the history of adenosine versus verapamil or diltiazem.

3hr 58min · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortJanuary 2018 - Hotpocket Artwork

January 2018 - Hotpocket

Dr Mason reviews the fact that we have an IV fluid shortage in North America after the recent hurricanes affecting Puerto Rico. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
EMA 2018 January ArtworkJanuary 2018

EMA 2018 January

EMA kicks off 2018 with a great episode full of clinically useful papers with our team of contributors tackling some hot topics. Jan and Ramin begin with their editors’ commentary on the January selections then Mel and Stuart give us a quick overview with their Ultra Summary. Jerry Hoffman’s Deep Dive looks at a few of this month’s papers with a particular focus on the many retrospective studies in this month’s episode. Rick’s Rants looks at the opioid crisis and how it relates to emergency medicine while Ken Milne’s Time To Talk A Little Nerdy lecture focuses on managing pediatric UTI’s in the ED. Jerry is back with more Reflections of a Skeptic, this month talking about the importance of clinical judgement and the use of clinical decision aids. Finally, Mel takes a look back in time with his That Was Then This Is Now segment about contrast induced nephropathy.

4hr 21min · 6 CME Hours
C3 - Stroke ArtworkJanuary 2018

C3 - Stroke

In this episode of C3, we review the management of the patient with acute stroke. Although cerebrovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, advances in acute stroke care have been overshadowed to some degree by advances in cardiovascular care. After years of slow and difficult progress, the battle against stroke is picking up steam. Advances in imaging allow us to more precisely define the various stroke syndromes and new interventional techniques now the hold promise of more effective targeted treatments.

1hr 19min
The Collector ArtworkJanuary 2018

The Collector

Let's get this New Year started with some home cooked medical goodness that can only be EM:RAP. View chapters…

8hr 50min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours