March 2017


Chest Pain3 Chapters

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Marlene G. -

Is there any info on what the loss of specificity is if a Pe protocol is used in terms of diagnosis of aortic dissection? Also, intralesional thrombosis wouldn't be contraindicated, would it? And, last, why remove IVC filter? Thanks.

Adam E. -

In the C3 Chest Pain Summary around minute 25:14, the speaker notes that iron can cause falsely positive guaiac tests. The literature, however, suggests otherwise. This study (apparently the only known RCT) found only 1 falsely positive test in 326 samples of healthy individuals (78) taking ferrous sulfate. Thank you for any additional commentary.

Citation: Anderson GD, Yuellig TR, Krone RE., Jr An investigation into the effects of oral iron supplementation on in vivo Hemoccult stool testing. Am J Gastroenterol. 1990;85(5):558–61.

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