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Bonus ShortEM:RAP 2018 April - Hotpocket Artwork

EM:RAP 2018 April - Hotpocket

Darren Braude gets us prepared for another shortage, this time it's Ketamine. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
EM:RAP 2018 April ArtworkApril 2018

EM:RAP 2018 April

It's April, and this month Mel and Stuart cover, SCIWORA, Chance Fractures, RA in the ED, Lactate, Insulin OD, Vertigo, Kinship and more. View chapters…

8hr 11min / 20 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortEM:RAP 2018 March Hotpocket Artwork

EM:RAP 2018 March Hotpocket

Zack Shinar and Joe Belezzo with a response to the October 2017 - Cardiology Corner – What REALLY Works in Cardiac Arrest segment View chapters…

15min / one chapter
A Bad Day for the Mediastinum ArtworkMarch 2018

A Bad Day for the Mediastinum

This month we cover Knee Dislocations, Pediatric UTI, Perforated Eardrum, Rhabdomyolysis, Intoxicated Patients, Mass Sociogenic Illness and more. View chapters…

9hr 9min / 28 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortFebruary 2018 - Hotpocket Artwork

February 2018 - Hotpocket

Steroids in Sepsis and EMRAP is BACK at a Live Conference! View chapters…

6min / one chapter
Ready, Set, Pause... ArtworkFebruary 2018

Ready, Set, Pause...

Sometimes we all need to pause. View chapters…

8hr 47min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortJanuary 2018 - Hotpocket Artwork

January 2018 - Hotpocket

Dr Mason reviews the fact that we have an IV fluid shortage in North America after the recent hurricanes affecting Puerto Rico. View chapters…

9min / one chapter
The Collector ArtworkJanuary 2018

The Collector

Let's get this New Year started with some home cooked medical goodness that can only be EM:RAP. View chapters…

8hr 50min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortDecember 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

December 2017 - Hotpocket

The dogma says never put epinephrine in the fingers, nose, penis, or toes, but is there evidence to support (or refute) that? Also in this short… Robbie O says farewell. View chapters…

11min / one chapter
A Pancreas and a Testicle Walk Into a Bar... ArtworkDecember 2017

A Pancreas and a Testicle Walk Into a Bar...

It may be the final installment of EM:RAP for the year, but before we power down for a quick break. We baked up a special December that's full of warm chocolate, bundt cakey medical knowledge goodness. View chapters…

9hr 34min / 24 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortNovember 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

November 2017 - Hotpocket

Mel and Rob discuss what's on the way for EM:RAP, a paper on opioid vs nonopioid analgesics for extremity pain, and challenge coins. View chapters…

7min / one chapter
Super Sick DKA ArtworkNovember 2017

Super Sick DKA

George Willis is back for more DKA deep diving, but this time it’s the sickest of the sick. How long do we pause for ultrasound heart checks in cardiac arrest patients? Mike Mallin says too long. When creating a presentation, start with the story, that’s the P cubed way. There’s been a lot of talk about lysis of intermediate risk PEs but new evidence says pump the brakes- lytics may not improve long term outcome. Instead of recommending a pill for your patient with an MSK complaint, think about a topical NSAID says Matt Delaney. Dilated eyes, blood spinal taps, road rash, button batteries, infected belly fluid and so much more on this month’s EM:RAP. View chapters…

8hr 41min / 27 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortOctober 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

October 2017 - Hotpocket

Lessons Hard Learned In The First Year As An Attending View chapters…

19min / one chapter
Bonus ShortBackPassage October 2017 Artwork

BackPassage October 2017

Mel gives an update and insight on what's happening at EM:RAP. View chapters…

5min / one chapter · Free Episode
EMA, Swadron, Herbert & Bundt Cake Goodness! ArtworkOctober 2017

EMA, Swadron, Herbert & Bundt Cake Goodness!

This is a historic month, the month Emergency Medical Abstracts joined EM:RAP! The historic series with 30 plus papers and all new commentaries is now part of EM:RAP, are you kidding me! It also means a new app and web site! Say what! It is the return o da Captain and his Little Ozzie Friend, if only for the month. Also includes: Notes from Uganda, dental infections, what works in cardiac arrest, what to do with “mini-strokes”, should you have MRSA in that cellulitis patient, a bunch of male GU issues, 30 EMA papers, 5 Paper Chase, I mean come on EMRAP just exploded! View chapters…

8hr 50min / 24 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortSeptember 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

September 2017 - Hotpocket

You’ve probably seen the news story: an ED nurse is handcuffed by a Utah detective for refusing to draw blood on an unconscious accident victim. Nobody wants something like this to happen, but are we compelled to act as agents of the police for evidence collection? Legal experts Scott DeShields and Rich Orman weigh in. View chapters…

15min / one chapter
Mildly Acidotic ArtworkSeptember 2017

Mildly Acidotic

Your next patient is altered and blue. Blue as a blueberry. What on earth could be happening? We travel to the backwoods of the American south to find out. Isn’t it time the Framingham risk factors got a remodel? Amal says yes, but the bigger question might be, “Do we care?” A painful tooth that doesn’t look infected, is there an indication for antibiotics? Vanessa Cardy wonders about the road not taken when managing a critical pregnant patient in the hinterlands. Walker Foland thumps the precordium with surprising results. And the original Swami digs into the infinite sea of trauma myths. View chapters…

8hr 46min / 27 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortAugust - Against Medical Advice Correction Artwork

August - Against Medical Advice Correction

In our AMA segment this month, it was stated that a patient who leaves the ED against medical advice is at risk for their insurance company not paying the bill. We have been inundated with emails saying, “Is that really true? I heard it was a myth…” It turns out that this IS a myth! Thank you for helping us set the record straight. Listen in for details. View chapters…

3min / one chapter
Bonus ShortSuicide Risk in Physicians Artwork

Suicide Risk in Physicians

Mel Herbert MD, Christine Moutier MD, Ramin Tabatabai MD, and Matthieu DeClerck MD touch on suicide risk in physicians. How did we get here and now what do we do about it? View chapters…

26min / one chapter · Free Episode
Challenging Foleys, Conversations, and Intubations ArtworkAugust 2017

Challenging Foleys, Conversations, and Intubations

Rob and Swami kick things off with a case of a patient with a red hot arm who ends up with a surprising diagnosis. Having trouble placing that Foley cath? Not to worry, Jess does a cognitive biopsy of our urology consultant for a bevy of tips and tricks. Vitamin C might not cure the common cold, but can it save septic patients? How often to we intubate for true ‘airway protection’? Strayerisms says not as much as we think. EM stroke expert John Schrock makes sense of BP control in acute stroke patients. Kevin Rodgers and Mike Weinstock are AMA. This, and so much more I'm the August extravaganza... View chapters…

9hr 27min / 27 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortJuly 2017 Hotpocket Artwork

July 2017 Hotpocket

First some information on the FIX conference with the FEMinEM people. Mel presents ANOTHER case of a sick patient in a plane and lesson learned, and a challenge coin winner Dr. John C. Maino, MD View chapters…

10min / one chapter
Sugar Up, PE Home, O2 Cranked ArtworkJuly 2017

Sugar Up, PE Home, O2 Cranked

When it comes to preoxygenation, consider the Nigel Tufnel approach of turning the amp up to 11. How much do we really know about OTC analgesics? Delaney is back with some surprising news. Weingart solves the puzzle- how much lack does lactate lack if lactate lacks lactate? There are all sorts of meds we give to ACS patients, but do they do any good? Last month George Willis tackled low sugar, this month, he shoots for the moon. The new drug of abuse may shock you...gabapentin! And just where are we on abx for acute appendicitis? Somewhere in the middle. View chapters…

9hr 32min / 27 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortJune 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

June 2017 - Hotpocket

It seems like the more we know, the less we do. Rob and Mel review two articles in the ‘less is more’ category View chapters…

8min / one chapter
Don’t Fear The Stink! ArtworkJune 2017

Don’t Fear The Stink!

We are masters of working in malodorous conditions. But just because we can tolerate the toxic sock, doesn’t mean we have to. Strayer soothes the hulk. Is the Hare Traction Splint useful? Amal breaks down the ‘warranty’ on different cardiac studies. Stuart and Billy get super funky with an obs case gone bad. How long do we need to obs a pt who has rebounded from hypoglycemia? Endocrine expert George WIllis breaks it down. Scott W tries to shrink the brain and Vanessa Cardy manages a critical vag bleeder in the hinterlands. View chapters…

8hr 17min / 26 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortMay 2017 - Hotpocket Artwork

May 2017 - Hotpocket

Our recent segments on stoke updates and naloxone dosing have set off a storm of controversy! View chapters…

14min / one chapter
Red, Hot, and Shot ArtworkMay 2017

Red, Hot, and Shot

Do you discuss anxiety with your low risk chest pain patients? Jeff Kline says it might not be a bad idea. Kenji and Miz demystify the penetrated extremely. Stroke care continues to evolve, Ryan Radecki tells us how. Is that red, swollen leg really infected, or is a case of pseudocellulitis. Tim Horeczko dissects the tests for septic joints in kids. What is ROSC? It seems an obvious question on the surface, but clinically it's not always clear. Scott Weingart takes it on with alacrity and a rapier wit. This and so much more on this month’s EM:RAP... View chapters…

7hr 57min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortThe Dark Side of EM Artwork

The Dark Side of EM

Mel Herbert speaks to Ramin Tabatabai about resident wellness and one recently discovered deeply disquieting fact regard physician wellness, or lack of it. View chapters…

8min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortSome New P’s for RSI Artwork

Some New P’s for RSI

In this month’s short, Darren Braude connects with Calvin Brown, MD. Calvin is the editor of the upcoming 5th edition of The Manual of Emergency Airway Management. There are lots of new goodies in the book, but the two we focus on are: Pretreatment (it’s out) and Preoxygenation (it’s better). View chapters…

10min / one chapter
Little Tubes, Little Labs ArtworkApril 2017

Little Tubes, Little Labs

What’s the most powerful computer ever? The one between your ears. Using that to visualize and simulate ED challenges can have profound results. Tim Horeczko gives the skinny on which adult labs also work (or don’t) for kids. Is your patient in a coma? Wendy Chang helps us examine unconscious patients. Bill Reed throws down a call to action for us to use blunt tip needles for LP. And a GSW to the chest in the Great White North.. what do you do when your patient is dying and the closest trauma center is 10 hours away? View chapters…

8hr 18min / 25 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortVX Nerve Agent Artwork

VX Nerve Agent

VX has been in the news recently as the suspected agent used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam (half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un). What is this stuff? What’s it do? Stuart Swadron and Sean Nordt cover mechanism of action, presentation, and management of patients exposed to this weaponized organophosphate. View chapters…

15min / one chapter
Bonus ShortAre NSAIDS Lethal? Artwork

Are NSAIDS Lethal?

Headline from The Guardian March 15, 2017: “Calls for ibuprofen sale restrictions after study finds cardiac arrest risk.” Is there now nothing that can be used for analgesia?!? View chapters…

8min / one chapter
Crashing Slowly ArtworkMarch 2017

Crashing Slowly

Rob and Swami kick things off with something for which most of us never received formal training: calling an admission. Does your patient need something for pain? Reuben Strayer says be smart about it and use an algorithmic approach to decide whether or not to use opioids. A patient slowly crashes in a rural ED - Scott Weingart breaks down the play by play. How do you figure out a patient's weight for setting tidal volume? Al Sacchetti says, “Use a tape measure.” And did you ever wonder how you should clean and prep a laceration? Probably not, since you’ve done it so many times, but things you learned in the ‘old school’ might be ready for a new approach. View chapters…

8hr 34min / 27 chapters · 6 CME Hours
Bonus ShortInfluenza Treatment Pathway Artwork

Influenza Treatment Pathway

Do you ever feel confused as to whom should be tested and/or treated for influenza? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Cam Berg simplifies the process with a seasonally topical ‘influenza clinical pathway’. View chapters…

20min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortBurn Out - Calling a Consultant Artwork

Burn Out - Calling a Consultant

The first in a series on burn out in Emergency Medicine. In this episode, Mel Herbert talks about the anxiety of calling consultants and how he dealt with it. Jess Mason calls for a different approach. View chapters…

8min / one chapter
Bad Bleeds in the Brain and Pelvis ArtworkFebruary 2017

Bad Bleeds in the Brain and Pelvis

How good are you at accepting a compliment from a patient? Do you take the time to listen, or do you end up giving more attention to complaints and insults. The Happy MD gives tips on how to make expressions of gratitude meaningful for you and your patient. Cam Berg is back with an ADP for the evaluation of subarachnoid. What are the critical tests in a patient with threatened miscarriage? Dave Glaser says there is but one. Jedi Master Chris Hicks imparts wisdom in the ED management of pelvic fractures. View chapters…

8hr 22min / 28 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free
Bonus ShortHigh Sensitivity Troponin FDA Approved Artwork

High Sensitivity Troponin FDA Approved

It’s been years in the making and, at long last, a high sensitivity troponin assay has been approved for use in the United States. Is it such a good thing? View chapters…

2min / one chapter
Bonus ShortBackPassage Artwork


Mel intros the concept of a new behind the scenes show for the EM:RAP audience...with Rob O and Jess Mason... View chapters…

6min / one chapter · Free Episode
Bonus ShortJanuary - Hotsheet - The Great C-Collar Debate Artwork

January - Hotsheet - The Great C-Collar Debate

In our February 2016 episode, we had a segment titled Do we still need the C-Collar. This caused quite a bit of debate amongst the listenership as well trauma specialists across the globe. We can’t give a definitive answer as to the utility of cervical collars, but what we can give is a ringside seat to both sides of the argument. Andy Buck and Chris Colwell are here for round two pros, cons, and ‘we don’t knows’ of the great c-collar debate. View chapters…

13min / one chapter
Broken Ankles, Ribs, and Pumps ArtworkJanuary 2017

Broken Ankles, Ribs, and Pumps

Happy New Year! Swami kicks off the festivities with a case of fever and tachycardia that’s … not sepsis. Is point of care urinalysis a good idea in kids. Sam Ashoo breaks down the evidence. Orthopod Uma Ramadorai gives a primer on diagnosis and treatment of ankle fractures. How nervous should you be about rib fractures in the elderly? Kenji says, “Be pragmatic.” Weingart rounds off the head trauma trilogy with a masterclass on micro and macro-management. Strayerisms is all about preventing ETOH withdrawal before it even starts. And even though dying palliative care patients may not get critical care procedures, they still warrant active management. View chapters…

8hr 48min / 26 chapters · 4.5 CME Hours / 0.25 Free