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2011  ›  March Episode

The "Oxy Free" ED

A discussion on the Cherry Hill experiment in Seattle in reducing narcotic prescription in the ED.

Music: "Rehab" Amy Winehouse Copyright 2006 Universal Island Records (used under fair use provision Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code)


  • Rob Orman, MD
  • Russell Carlisle
  • Dave Craig, MD

Comments on The "Oxy Free" ED

Michael N. H., M.D.

This talk is made even more prescient by the following article:


andrew d.

Mel, 1% "or less" of your patient's in your ED are seeking?! Yah right! Either you are not seeing what is really going on or your hospital is skewed WAY to the left of the bell curve. It is an epidemic in Ohio. More people die from accidental Rx pain killer overdoses here than MVC's, gunshot wounds, animal attacks, EtOH, and homicides. It is a huge problem.
LOVE LOVE LOVE EMRAP....keep em coming!

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