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2012  ›  February Episode

C3 Project: Asthma, Pneumothorax and ARDS

We just want you to have more!!! We can't help it we just care so @$#% much about you all..So we have 3 topics for you to chew on. Its what you need from the people you want it from..so go on in take a seat and enjoy the show..its so URGENT!


  • Rob Rogers, MD
  • Mel Herbert, MD MBBS FAAEM
  • Stuart Swadron, MD FAAEM

Comments on C3 Project: Asthma, Pneumothorax and ARDS

Marshall C., M.D.

Very well done. Thanks.

piyush m., dr

Ok guys ...we all
Know that BA is a Broncho-constriction & problem
of expiring out !!!!

Now trouble shoot this guy : can not ventilate

No air flow !!

What mode ?

Which settings ??

Why AC VC fails ?

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