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Seratonin Syndrome

Sean Nordt joins Stuart Swadron in this Segment. Seratonin Toxicity is discussed in relation to the infamous Libby Zion case from New York. A very important case that has had long lasting implications in the training and practice of Medicine.


  • Stuart Swadron, MD FAAEM
  • Sean Nordt, MD PharmD FAAEM

Comments on Seratonin Syndrome

Kevin M., MD

Overall good, informative talk. Glad to see someone admit that the Libby Zion case probably had little or nothing to do with the PGY's being up all night long etc,

It seemed to me that the lecture talked a little around the pathophysiology. Additionally, I wished the lecture had broadened the differential and perhaps given more guidance as to how to differentiate Serotonin toxicity from it's mimics.

At the same time, I do recognize that for that toxidromic syndrome, treatment is essentially the same.

Henry S.

serOtonin, not serAtonin

I searching everywhere for this podcast and couldn't find it!

Henry S.

I WAS searching... darn typos...

Carol B.

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