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C3 Project: Trauma and the Primary Survey

Its C3 project time ladies and gentleman..We have a good one for you this month. Raise your hand if your Primary Survey is perfect...I see no hands up people! so this is the C3 for you!


  • Scott Weingart, MD
  • Rob Rogers, MD

Comments on C3 Project: Trauma and the Primary Survey

Marc V B., P.A.

Great episode I am a PA in a community hospital and programs like this are priceless...Thanks


EXCELLENT content.

Skins, MD

This trauma episode was the best ever. These guys did a great job! Makes me want to look forward to Afghanistan.

Michael S.,

Phenomenal session! Jam packed full of pearls.

Maxim BY, MDCM

Amazing discussion - although deviated from the usual textbook style... Not sure if I could apply the more novel concepts to my Royal College Exam.

Patrick S., M.D.

Very well presented. I love a quiet machine!


could you give the references about mortality with elderly rib fx. I send home a lot of these folks and would like something to base a decision to admit.

Jon C, MD

I love the star trek analogy!! Live long & prosper

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