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Active Shooter: Update 2016

Mel Herbert, MD MBBS FAAEM and Mike Clumpner

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Dr. Mike Clumpner brings more insight in this active shooter update to his 2013 EM:RAP talk.

Active Shooter: 2016 Update

Mel Herbert MD and Mike Clumpner MD, Ph.D. 

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Rachelle S. -

This episode may have helped keep my staff safe tonight. On the way to my 5:30p-2:30a shift last night I listened to this episode. Boy am I glad I did..... at 2:30 am we had an incident that was as close to an "active shooter" as I ever want to be. A pt in custody of the police attacked the officer and was attempting to get his gun. The officer took the pt to the ground where they scuffled, he was tazed but unfortunately this didn't stop him. When he kept advancing the officer pulled his gun and luckily was able to lead the pt out of the department. During this time all I could remember was to "run" and "get behind locked doors". I was able to break everyones trance and get them moving to safety. I don't think I would have done things the same without having just heard this episode. Thank you to EM:Rap and Dr. Clumpner!!!!
Rachelle Soper MD

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