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No me gusta!

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Dean B. -

Hi Mel

I enjoyed the segment on push dose pressors, with the two titans of EM, Mattu and Weingart. I'd like to hear your thoughts on metaraminol along those lines. I understand from reading Scott's site that metaraminol isn't available in the US but widely used in Australia.

We use it a lot in the UK, in 0.5-1 mg pushes to titrate MAP upwards. Where does it fit into the phenylephrine, ephedrine, epinephrine debate. It'd be good to hear an Aussie perspective on this.

Great show as always


Adan A. -

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys... and da Girls. (Sorry Mel, but I stole your line). I am totally on board with the push dose pressors. This is something I've incorporated to my practice for about 3 years now and I am very happy. Picking up that BP from the toilet makes me feel good and it also makes good logic for patient care.

Larry B. -

Any progress on the app for EM-RAP for I-pads?

Mel H. -

We have a meeting with the Canadian Tech team in about a week. This is HIGH on the agenda. What features are most missing from the web version when used on an iphone/ipad in your opinion Larry?

Dee B. -

I'm now a big fan of the push dose pressors. It's a nice temporizing measure while I'm obtaining central access for continuous drip pressors in the hypotensive septic patient who isn't responding to the buckets of fluid I'm throwing at them.

Jonathan W. -

The Arnold Schwarznegger movie cited in the epistaxis lectrure was "Total Recall" ( the original ).

Larry B. -

Sorry not to get back to you sooner, Mel. It may be that I simply don't know how to use my ipad well enough, but I currently don't have access to emrap through the ipad unless I've got wifi capability. I'm hopeful that with the new app I'll be able to download when wifi is available then be able to easily access it when offline. And will still be able to play individual segments in any order I please. Thanks.

Samuel B., MD -

You can download the written summary on the iPad and save it to reading list to be able to go back and read when wifi is not available.

Larry B. -

Thanks, Samuel. But with just the written summary I miss all of Mel's witicisms!

david h. -

soo good mel and all dlh

david h. -

high on your work

J. Abraham Lopez, M.D. -

Larry, with IPAD, you really can't download anything directly to IPAD and save. Not sure if you can do this with PC (probably) but, If you have a MAC then download to your itunes and sync IPAD with MAC when charging. You have to set up on your MAC what podcasts you want sync'ed to your IPAD but if you have the memory, you can do many. I have Dave Newman's, Rob Orman's, Scott Weingart's, Amal Mattu's and quite a few others downloaded this way. Hope I am not telling you something you already knew. I don't think it is something emrap can fix, it is just the way the ipad works. By the way, I had my Ipad for almost a year before I really appreciated how to use it. Now, a real value!!! let me know if you need more info.

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