Ketamine and Droperidol

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No me gusta!

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Bouchra R., M.D. -

what your doses for pain as you said chronic pain and fibromyalgia ????

Skins, MD -

give us some dosing amount for IV or IM use.

Scott L. -

I never used droperidol in residency but almost all of my partners use it for chronic pain/fibromyalgia/migraines/agitation. It is absolutely miraculous for these very difficult cases even in doses as low as 0.625 mg. In some cases I use it in addition opiates significantly decreases the doses required. I usually give it with 25 mg of diphenhydramine to prevent side effects which seem relatively common but are certainly less concerning than apnea.

DG -

I know this episode is way old, but I feel I should give me two cents about droperidol. I never used it in residency, but I see it used every once and awhile where I now work. I have used it several times and have found that as far as making my job easier and the nurses job easier, droperidol is great. Sure, patients require less opiates when you give them droperidol... because you completely snow them to the point that they can not complain about there pain. However, I have had several patients tell me, once the droperidol wore off, that they were still having pain but that they just couldn't vocalize it. There's a nurse in our ED who was given droperidol after having a c-section, and said basically the same thing. Droperidol does nothing for the pain, all it does it shuts the patient up. Which is fine if you don't like your patients, but if you actually care how they feel, and what they are going to write on the Press-Ganey...
Nausea/vomiting, on the other hand, it works great.

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