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No me gusta!

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ertridoc -

Been there. Finally had anterior cervical disk fusion after 4 months of unrelenting pain about 15 years ago. Have done great since then. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Mel H. -

Ertridoc - there should be some prize for having the first official comment on the new EMRAP web site - I guess you will have to be happy in the knowledge that you went where no ER doc has gone before - but hopefully many will follow....MEL

Whit F. -

Arrrrgghhh! Beaten to it.

Lee W -

not a comment on radiculopathy, but good site Mel! Nice!

Wendy L. -

catching up on the last 6 months of EMRAP in preparation for board exam on Friday. The new site and the new program format are awesome! Am especially appreciating C3 segments. Thanks, Mel.

L. Potts -

Now just get the board to accept staying current with EMRAP as sufficient to sit for re-certification and you shall be the master Sir!!!

Justin P., M.D. -

Glad your feeling better. I had the same thing in August. I had an epidural injection that worked wonders. I had to do my oral board review course doped up on valium and hydrocodone. It was a one on one review. The instructor thought I was an idiot until I explained how much medication I was on just to be able to be there. I'm pain free after 2 epidural injections.

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