Auricular Hematoma Incision and Drainage with Bolster Compression Dressing

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To prevent formation of a cauliflower ear deformity, an auricular hematoma should be drained and a compression dressing applied as demonstrated in this video. An auricular block is demonstrated briefly in this video and in greater detail in the video titled Auricular Block.

Check out the Auricular Block Video

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mike p. -

what's the general time line of length from injury that this needs to be decompressed before changes will be permanent or may no long benefit from decompression? general cosmetic concerns typically send these to ENT if possible

Jaan H. -

Usually 2ish weeks before they harden

Jaan H. -

It's easy to tell if it will benefit from decompression if it's tender to touch and soft. Important to note a lot of these patients are going to be wrestlers/fighters that don't care about cosmetics and will just want you to do a needle aspiration so they can get back to training rather than take a week off.

J. Abraham Lopez, M.D. -

This video was great. Here is link to YouTube video demonstrating splinting the ear with sutures: However, unrelated to this procedure, could you review the importance of finger lacerations and resultant neurological deficits encountered in ER. In some cases, slight numbness does not require further eval, in other cases numbness and/or weakness (such as the radial aspect of index finger where nerve injury could affect radial adduction of the thumb) are very relevant and require close follow up by hand surgeon/plastic surgeon. There are other important and likely high risk medicolegal aspects of these hand injuries. A quick review would be appreciated.

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