Awake Flexible Scope Intubation with Oral Intubating Airway

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Drs. Jessica Mason and Crystal Ives review the steps for an awake flexible scope intubation using an oral intubating airway, in this case, the Ovassapian airway. See the prior video for Topical Anesthesia of the Airway and perform those steps first.



-Ovassapian airway

-Flexible scope

-Endotracheal tube



Familiarize yourself with the controls on the scope and pre-load the endotracheal tube. Once the patient's airway is anesthetized, place the oral intubating airway and position the patient semi-recumbent. Introduce the scope through the midline channel in the oral intubating airway. Advance until the vocal cords are visualized. Use a jaw thrust maneuver if needed to improve your view. At this point, you would gently pass the tube through the cords, inflate the cuff, remove the scope, and sedate the patient.

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tom f. -

beautifully done, Jessie!
you may also wish to remind us to keep the flex scope straight; a lax or bent endoscope is impossible to adjust/control direction, i think.
thank you so very much

tom fiero, merced

Matthieu V. -

Great tip Dr Fiero. Personnally, one way that I found helpful in order to keep the endoscope straight is to lower the bed's height. Another thing that I typically do, I almost always succion before I insert the endoscope. Finally, I also put one or 2 drops of anti-fog solution.

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