June 2018

Flash Pulmonary Edema

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Jason B. -

I think your enalipril dose is off. I was under the impression that it was 1.25-2.5mg IV.

Mel H. -

You are correct - the dose has been changed - thanks for the pickup, we dropped a decimal point!

Ian L., Dr -

There are single use CPAP systems that are used by ambulance services that consist of a Oxygen Cylinder tubing an oxygen mask a vector flow valve a harness hook ring and a Nepropene head harness .
The system can be for rural and remote areas also and not dependant on electricity supply but flow from the oxygen cylinder .
What is the view of these devices in the EM community ?

Ian L., Dr -

The O two CPAP system is used by ambulance services by Australian Ambulance services .
It is quite a user friendly device for emergency ambulance officers and patients .
If patient is apprehensive the patient or emergency ambulance officer can hold the CPAP mask to the patient without yet strapping it in.
For agitated patients and certainly patients in pain a small dose of morphine 1-2mg Intravenously if the patient is not very Hypotensive ought be trialled with NIVV.

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