October 2020

Case and Review

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Peter G. -

Why not more use of D10. We use it in a prehospital setting and it works very well. Also, less chance of over correcting the glucose, especially when the patient is also stroking (better to keep the glucose below 180 I believe)

Jess Mason -

I think it depends. Someone who is hypoglycemic and altered or seizing and needs glucose now -- I'm giving D50. It's going to correct fast and I don't mind if they get hyperglycemic. I have put people on D10 drips if they continue to get hypoglycemic on D5 drips for long acting insulin overdoses. Of course you can also tinker with the infusion rate. Giving D10 seems like another reasonable option for an awake patient who is hypoglycemic.

tom f. -

excellent discourse on hypoglycemia! thank you, Jessi, Mel, and Stu. I still need to get comfortable and wary of the "-fozins" and euglycemic DKA.
thank you.

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