July 2016


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No me gusta!

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Ian L. -

Good talk well presented .The Bedside ultraound is a skill well worth acquiring and can be used for PE see Bedside Ultrasound in PE by Sean Rothwell Life Fastlane .
Also Needle Decompressing for Tension Pneumothorax is failing in adults who are large and a longer angiocatheter 8cm still has only 83% effectiveness vs 5cm 41% Aho et al JTrauma Care Surg 2016 .
Professor Mark Fitzerald Head Trauma Alfred advocates venting at the 4-5 intercostal space midaxillary line I believe from a lecture I attended and is against ND for Tension Pneumothorax in Adolescents and Adults .
Ok in Children .

Nicole H. -

I just want to say that I love this podcast and thank you for the great research, clinical pearls and conversation you all share. Cheers!

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