August 2019


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Ian L., Dr -

Their Is sometimes the problem of ear wax in a feverish infant who is crying .
I treat with antibiotics after excluding other causes to the best of my ability .
Any good ways to get around ear wax in emergency ?

Paul S., M.D. -

The combination of vinegar/alcohol is very effective for run-of-the-mill otitis externa, and is a lot cheaper than the drops; also, in tropical climates especially, fungal otitis externa is very common, and is treated with either vinegar/alcohol, or clotrimazole drops, rather than antibiotic drops.

Jess Mason -

Thanks for adding that insight!

Sumera M. -

I picked up this trick from one of the ENTs and have been recommended it for patient with otitis externa and also recommend it as a preventive measure after swimming

Stacy P. -

What is the ratio of vinegar to alcohol?

Mel H. -

Paul S., M.D. -

I have been using a 1:1 ratio of vinegar/alcohol

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