August 2019

Otitis Media

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No me gusta!

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Stuart N. -

The article you quote and base your recommendation for duration of therapy is completely flawed and I was deeply disappointed with the choice of seriously relating to the NEJM study.
1. Funded, performed and interpereted by the owner of the monopolied pharmacalogic agent
2. Ridiculous endpoints of trial for instance the appearance of the tympanic membrane, obviously not a patient oriented outcome
3. All through demonstrating great efforts to show advantage with a condition with no long term complications

Other literature should have been considered here.

Mel H. -

Stuart N. references:
Indeed there is ongoing debate about HOW long to treat, but I think the real question is if and when to treat. We WAY over treat and reduction in giving any antibiotics, which we talk about in the episode, is the bigger issue.

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