May 2017


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No me gusta!

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Kevin M. -

Great discussion even for an experienced physician. Enjoyed that the C3's are not segmented.

Tim V. -

I thought that prophylactic antibiotics for packing was out?

Thanks for the review

Jess Mason -

Yes, we are aware that the literature is limited in showing TSS association with nasal packing. BUT, we try to design C3 episodes with the newer learner in mind, and stick with what is the accepted standard practice. We felt that antibiotics are still the common practice and try to stick with the textbook approach here.

Bridget S. -

Any tips for nasal numbing prior to packing if cocaine isn't available? Are people just spraying lidocaine with some sort atomization device, applying pledgets dipped in lidocaine, or some other approach? Thanks!

Jess Mason -

You got it! Atomize the lidocaine or soak a pledget. You can even mix the lido with oxymetazoline or neosynephrine.

Matthew O. -

This was such a great review thanks!

Just want to give a quick shout out to a tip from Andy Buck I learnt that has helped immensely over the years.
The Epistaxis nose Peg:

So handy and has really helped patients in my experience. Hope you find it useful!

Jordan R. -

Is there an acceptable amount of leakage from the anterior naris or is this a remove and replace or attempt a different intervention situation?

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