April 2016

Massive GI Bleed

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No me gusta!

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Dallas H. -

Hey all, I love this series! Thank you for tackling this.

Mizuho M. -

Thx for listening!

pierre b., Dr -

really good. Like hearing the attending talk to Jimmy the resident and hearing the orders given verbally. very good to learn.

Chris Navarro: EM:RAP Production Team -

From a listener
Why not put the head of the bed up when intubating GI bleed to put gravity on your side?
Pit doc"
and Mizuho's reply

"Thanks Rick for your comments. Yes it's a great suggestion. If you can maneuver having a tilted headboard while intubating (I'm not quite tall enough for that :-)) but if you can manage it, I would say absolutely use gravity to help you. And agree tilting HOB after intubation is vital too! Great suggestion. Thanks for listening. - Miz"

Michael d. -

What a fantastic series!! I like the didactic bedside teaching format. Helps me think through the case in real time.

david s. -

any role for tranexamic acid in these massive bleeders?? are there any real down sides?

Mizuho M. -

Great idea! Not well studied. But worth considering for sure!!! Thx for listening!

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