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Introduction and Case

Jessica Mason, MD, Mel Herbert, MD MBBS FAAEM, Stuart Swadron, MD FAAEM, and Mizuho Spangler, DO
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C3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain - Written Summary 544 KB - PDF

As with the elderly, children with abdominal pain are special and require a different diagnostic approach. In this episode of C3, we will consider the general approach to abdominal pain in children. This episode’s focus is on 6 mos children from toddlers to the pre-teen age (<10yrs). 

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Anthony L. -

Great review of an often difficult ER entity. I love the written PEARLS page that breaks down the talks.

Matthew R. -

Just wanted to let you guys at EM:RAP know how much myself and fellow EM residents at Virginia Tech Carilion LOVE the C-3 project. Keep it going!

Patti L. -

Love the C-3 program! Thanks!

Matthew Oliver -

A great discussion and run through on abdo pain in kids. Thank you!
Although there may be many obscure causes of abdo pain in kids, another I have seen a couple of time is FPIES.
Which is food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (
Perhaps becoming more common now that hypersensitivities are increasing!

Worth considering for the next time you see a floppy, pale baby with "gastro".

Gerard M., MD -

Not every hospital has a pediatric surgeon. Pediatric hospitalists in hospitals without Peds surgeons do not want to admit concerning abdominal pain with, so far, negative work up. Peds surgeons in tertiary hospitals do not want transfers of such patients without a diagnosis.They will argue with their own Peds hospitalists. As the saying goes," The ED doc is nobody's friend".

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C3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain Full episode audio for MD edition 92:24 min - 128 MB - M4AIntroduction and Case C3: Continuous Core Content 14:37 min - 20 MB - MP3History C3: Continuous Core Content 13:41 min - 19 MB - MP3Physical Exam C3: Continuous Core Content 29:25 min - 40 MB - MP3Disposition C3: Continuous Core Content 7:49 min - 11 MB - MP3Summary C3: Continuous Core Content 26:24 min - 36 MB - MP3C3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain MP3 121 MB - ZIPC3 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain - Written Summary 544 KB - PDF