May 2018


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Sean G., M.D. -

The pedi ua thing has always confused me. In adults we know that there is a fair percentage of false positive urines, and that when you have a small amount of colonized bacteria you will of course grow that bacteria on the proper culture medium, and that the number of false positives will increase particularly in women with age. Well at least if you can believe anything that is presented on that podcast Emrap...... I get with the neonate and the very young infant we should err on the side of caution, and if they have a fever worry about the some point if we have a child who has a probable source of fever a viral URI, bronchiolitis, or worse an enteritis are we not doing them a disservice checking and treating all positive UA's? I thought it was stated on Emrap here at one point years ago infants had about a 3% colonization rate....I am not sure I heard that here , but the discussion of adult female UA and false positives I alluded to jokingly above was definitely on Emrap probably in the last 2 years. The pedi 3% rate I believe may be at least a ten year old Emrap.

Julie L., DO -

In regards to the unvaccinated child, when do they get treated as the same risk as any other child. If they are older than 3 but unvaccinated, do they have the same extremely low risk of SBI as an vaccinated child?

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