September 2019


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Ian L. -

What are your recommendation re nasal and oropharyngeal adjuncts for Bag Valve Mask and Children eg RSV with nasal stuffiness ?

kathleen h. -

I listened to this episode on my drive to my pediatric ER shift so naturally, I wanted to practice with the tools needed for an emergency needle cric and teach our residents. I got my 3cc syringe, the 14g angiocath, but the hub from the 7.5ETT definitely does not fit into a 3cc syringe. I tried a 5cc syringe, but it was too large. So back to the 3cc syringe, and used a 6.5ETT; the hub fit perfect.

Andrea S. -

I've used the 7.0 with success, and maybe the 6.5 is the same adapter. Easiest way is really just 3-0 ETT adapter directly to angiocath with no syringe.

CM -

It would be great if you can supply images for these visual concepts. Like how to apply the roll under the child's head. How the blade will be going into the epiglottis. etc...


CM -

It would be great if you can please post some images regarding these visual concepts.


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