January 2019


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robert k. -

HI everyone,

Thanks for reviewing vision loss this month. I work with a lot of elderly people and see a lot of RD/PVD/VH and sometimes amaurosis fugax.

With respect to painful vision loss, and GCA/temporal arteritis, I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the other form of AION, called NA-AION. After more than 20years doing this job, I have seen two cases recently of NA-AION. Both patients presented after waking up with a significant visual field deficit in one eye
(one of the two had fuzzy vision the day before in the eye).

Word on the street is that,
Temporal arteritis or arteritic AION is actually a less common of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, than non-arteritic AION caused by hypertension/diabetes/high cholesterol/smoking.

Below is a nice review by cleveland clinic of AION. It would be fab if you could share it with everyone.


Mel, Stuart, Jessica, could you please talk about this a little more in you mailbag segment in the near future please.


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