EM:RAP 2016 August Canadian Edition

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John Michael B., M.D. -

I listened with interest to the TED diversion of so-called frequent flyers. The program certainly has merit but I treat with suspicion any suggestion that it will save money. As with most harm reduction plans claims are made of huge savings to the health care system. Yet these claims are usually based on bogus accounting. The fact that an inebriate is diverted from the ER to nurse manned ,doctor supervised, clinic saves not a penny of money. There is no reduction of the expense of running the ER as a result. There is no cost benefit to the hospital and in fact the clinic will be an added expense. Their may be some saving to the paramedics who can quickly drop off patients at the clinic but unless this results in less ambulances and paramedics on duty there will be no savings there either. Please explain how you arrived at the data of millions of dollars of savings.

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