August 2021


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tom f. -

sometimes I wonder if we, as society , should begin "resuscitation" much much earlier; i.e., like from early youth. It's obvious, but in North America especially I think, coronary artery disease (and other pathologies ) are fostered in our society by a generally unhealthy lifestyle (Burger King, sedentary video games , more). childhood obesity is rampant, almost the "norm".
if we spent a tenth as much time and money correcting those ill-fated patterns (poor diet, exercise , other) as we do after the person has coded , we might have a healthier and perhaps happier population.

but, given that we have a code, this was a very fine review Mel, Jess, and Stu .
Demetri Yannopoulos and his team in Minneapolis report survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests of over 50% I believe. But they have a extensive paradigm, system, incorporating pre-hospital, ER, Cath lab, ECMO teams, which is what Stuart was alluding to in his recap.

thank you, guys

tom fiero, merced, ca.

Jess Mason -

Hi Tom,
Thanks as always for listening and for your comments. There are so many underlying issues in a topic like this.

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