COVID Booster Shots

Mel takes us through some of what we know and don’t know about COVID booster shots including timing and variants.


T Cells and variants:


CDC Vaccine center:


Universal Booster:


This Week in Virology Podcast:


Rachel H. -

General COVID-19 question for the EMRAP crew-- what do you all recommend for continued PPE working in the ED? Most of my vaccinated colleagues no longer wear eye protection/head coverings/gowns, only level 3 surgical masks when seeing possible COVID patients / PUIs. I continue to wear safety glasses and a scrub cap the duration of my shift and typically put on an N95 under my surgical mask for PUIs. Not sure if contact precautions such as disposable gowns are still necessary since transmission is primarily respiratory. Any guidance from the experts is appreciated -- thanks!

tom f. -

I'm no expert , Rachel, but I agree that we (I think generally ) may be letting our guard dow some....
this is especially concerning now that , as in my shop, there is a terrible resurgence of the virus, prob largely due to the more virulent delta.

I don't think the ground rules as far as rational PPE have changed since the start of this all...
I think having been vaccinated has made some of us more cavalier (to put it kindly) , and some of us are not even vaccinated.

tom fiero, merced.

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