COVID Intubation Triggers

Sara Crager goes from physiology to practice in this insightful and extremely clinically useful review of what we know about COVID physiology and what it means about intubation decisions.

Dr faisal A. -



this was amazing, thank you!! it would be awesome if you could please share your approach to vent management of covid patients. how much does the degree of hypoxemia affect vent parameters/changes?

tom f. -

Dr Crager, this is incredible. thank you so very much. certainly is thought provoking. I work in merced, ER, north of you, in a very busy community hospital, which is , like the rest of the state , getting hit hard. and with the more contagious strain, may get worse before we see the light at tunnel's end. I love your discussion of hypoxemia, dead space, the significance of end-tidal CO2 vs VBG, and mostly "work of breathing"... all very cool, and helpful.
tom fiero

Tim R. -

thinking about the balance of hypoxemia and intubation risks--are there risks of intubation unique or worse for covid patients?

Sudhir P. -

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant!! You have become a beacon of rational inquiry into these issues and questions emanating from them that we face day in and day out. I honestly don't know how to thank you enough for all the vent courses, pulmonary physiology thoughts that you have posted with EmRap. Thank you team for disseminating all of this so fast and so well through this medium. This is kindness to there a higher purpose to our lives?

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