COVID Update | January 29th, 2021

Swami and Mel give us the the latest COVID-19 Updates.


Vaccine less anaphylaxis than first reports:


NIH Blood Thinner report:

Scent Dogs and COVID:

David I. S., M.D. -

Has anyone reviewed this article yet? Perhaps I missed it.

"No study detected live virus beyond day 9 of illness, despite persistently high viral loads."

Does this mean we can stop isolating patients in the ICU? Can we send their family in to the bedside? Are all those pulmonary COVID patients in my ER not infectious? Can we intubate patients without fear of anyone in the room being infected?

I am not an academic but Full time ER doctor and also medical director

Mel H. -

Sure does suggest that to me...these patients are in the ICU are there well after that stopped being infectious and there are inflammation hell, not viral hell.

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