COVID Update | March 16, 2021

Britt Guest, DO reviews the latest COVID-19 updates, discussing candidates for home O2, convalescent plasma, vaccine monitors, and more!

Link to COVID-19 Chapter in CorePendium:

Ian L. -

In this week in virology episode 730 in Covid 19 clinical update Dr Daniel Griffin explains the concept of a sequence in the spike protein that does not change if it is to infect humans . -It is called the "conserved " part of the spike protein . -It is a required sequence for the virus to infect human cells . This proposes that if it mutates or is neutralised by antibody it loses infectivity . -An antibody VIR-7831 targets this conserved sequence and it has been used in a trial called COMET-ICE - by gsk -Vir Bio with a interim analyses of 583 patients with claimed 85 % reduction in hospital admission and death compared to patients that received placebo .
But is this an ethical way to test medications ? You can use matched controls who have no way possible of getting this treatment .

Mel H. -

Ian - thanks for the heads up - I have not heard that TWIV yet - but I will!

Justin K. -

Those are interesting anaphylaxis stats. We have had at least three at our site and we have not given a huge number of vaccinations. This is in Canada and these do get reported through our public health, so I'm wondering if there is a lag in reporting.

Mel H. -

Still holding at about 2.5 per million per CDC after 4 million Moderna vaccinations, a little higher for Pfizer.

tom f. -

Excellent update.
thank you, Brit

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