COVID Update | March 30, 2021

Mel and Britt review the latest COVID-19 Updates. 

Jeff G. -

I'm surprised this didn't come up? They will likely have EUA within 1-2 weeks.
This is being published tomorrow:

Mel H. -

Thanks Jeff - this really is a fire hose of information right now!

Jeff G. -

I can imagine. PS - what is the best email address for you?
Thank you for taking the time.

Ian L. -

The monoclonal combinations could be the second chance for those who have feared or were sceptical or were not delivered the mRNA vaccines particularly given as early as possible or even pre and post exposure .

Jeff G. -

Keep an eye out for further news over the next several days....

Terrence B. -

I work in an HCA facility. The medical staff is required to wear eye protection, face shield or goggles, in addition to a face mask, for every patient encounter. They cite “regulatory” requirements as the reason for this.
I’m wondering if you are aware of any regulations to this effect. Also are you aware of any studies in this regard?
I have no problem wearing an eye shield when an ER patient is known positive or symptomatic. But when I’m evaluating a sprained ankle in a healthy otherwise asymptomatic person wearing a mask, I feel pretty comfortable without a face shield, especially since wearing one inhibits communication with and examination of my patient.

Mel H. -

I don't know of any such regulations. I think it is set by your hospital ID, or at least it should and take into account local positivity rates etc. The key is that during surges ALL the patients and I mean ALL the patients are positive, it got to "ankle sprain" and COVID positive during our Jan/Feb surge...crazy town. When it is like that you just cannot tell who has it or not. Then like magic (or more likely local herd immunity), it goes away. So it moves too fast to have some big central body "regulate it" in my opinion.

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