Critical Cases Introduction

Playlist: Critical Cases: Ventilator Management4 Videos

In her latest video in the ICU Fundamentals series, Dr. Sara Crager reviews three critical cases relating to ventilator management. 

David C. -

thanks so much for these lessons, can't wait for vents 201! :)

Sudhir P. -

If there was a way ...I would award you the most outstanding speaker award in the last ten years bar none!! It takes exceptional talent to do this as well as you have done here. I first heard you on a COVID poscast and am so impressed by your talents. Please keep doing this. You really are amazing at this...and unlike so many others you do this with humility. You are going places in this career and we are so lucky to listen to you.

Matthew D. -

On the topic of ABGs, how often are you getting them on your patients? Typically I see them immediately after a patient is intubated but after that can you not just rely on your pulse ox and VBGs?

tom f. -

very cool, dr Crager. thank you.
Tom Fiero. Merced

Stephen S. -

Agree with Yodda above, Dr Cragar is very gifted and makes learning fun. The fluid physiology lecture was stupendous. EM-RAP should give us a quick tab access to your lectures!

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