Lytics in Stroke

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Britt answers, do lytics actually work for stroke? From EM:RAP October 2021. 

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Ian L. -

Goes against Biological Intuition
It dissolves clots
Works on balance and with ICH death in STEMI with complete occlusion though maybe just blocked vessels
Works in severe pulmonary embolus
May 2/3 dose and beware cerebral amyloid angiopathy .
Needs a full review of dose type of stroke including bleeding risk and dissolving ability .
Endarterectomy LVO still passes the Test ?

Loren S. -

Good morning,
I am looking for literature on use of tenecteplase in ischemic stroke. I have read and listened to the articles/talks that are most recent on EMRAP. One of our largest referral centers has advised using tenecteplase in CVA on a couple of cases and I am on a quest to get some latest data pertaining to this.

Matia M. -

Hi Loren!
Here is a short EM:RAP segment from 2021 that has some relevant references in the show notes.

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