Overcoming ATLS

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Swami highlights the pitfalls of ATLS and why it may not help trauma management experts. 

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janardan T. -

Thank you for the talk and I need to go and search the article.
Fe years back ABEM, had me for case review in person in Chicago.
This if five year old child with accident and laceration of the scalp. the patient was alert and breathing well and primary Dx was negative, I recommended to go ahead and suture the laceration and reevaluate the patient. My point was that scalp lacerations can bleed a lot and the children has got low blood volume. Proceeded to continue with secondary evaluation . ABEM did not give me credit and failed me in that case
I have been instructed for ATLS, I noticed the ATLS is not helpful to ED community, ACEP need to work with trauma of ACS and to work out some of these problems.
Hospital appointments insist on getting ATLS, I am not sure this will do any benefit to the physicians. May be ACEP should think of starting there own ATLC, ACLS, and PALS

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