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No me gusta!

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Brian H. -

What happened to the c3 project?

Mel H. -

C3 was GREAT but it needs more time and space to be a real board review. So we are creating an entirely new product for EM that uses the best technologies and ideas and results in a state of the art program for on-line and audio board review and core content. Coming soon at HIPPOEM.com.

Michael W. -

Is there a eta for the arrival of HIPPOEM?
Thank you.

Mel H. -

We are looking at first quater next year, January we are going to be recording a BUNCH, we already have about 10 hours done but feel the need to have a solid 40 or so hours ready to roll out before we go live...i think it is going to be pretty cool...nothing like it in medicine...we will see...

Michael W. -

Fantastic! looking forward to it...Thank You!

Michael M. -

Emrap is great, and I loved the C3 program. Can't wait for this..thanks.

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