Paper Chase 3: Ketamine

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Peter W. -

So...most of my patients who are going to need ketamine present with painful orthopedic injuries and get 100 - 200 mics of fentanyl on arrival and as needed until sedation can happen. Subjectively, I see much less emergence rxns with this paradigm.

David D. -

Would be nice if Drs. Arora and Menchine kept their personal pro bias about ketamine out of the discussion. This should be an analysis of the article, not a non evidence based discussion of how great is ketamine. Disappointing. I can't see this paper as good evidence that ketamine is the perfect sedative agent. I like the drug and use it quite a bit but look forward to the day when EMRAP does an unbiased review on the literature about emergency reactions which I have yet to see in this great series.

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