Dr. Leana Wen Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join Dr. Herbert as he interviews emergency physician and former Baltimore Public Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen concerning the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Wen is also an accomplished author, CNN contributor, and Ted Talker. This discussion covers testing, reopening, the school system, and vaccines.

Ian L. -

According to some theories the level of infection guided by batched PCR -Antibody tests is 5-10 higher than the PCR test.
So with 5 million infections confirmed by PCR -25-50 million people may actually have antibodies by asymptomatic infections .
That's more people with some sort of immunity for the optimistic theory .
As regards lockdowns outdoor spread is far less and moving the economy outdoors with masks head visors and gowns made more comfortable even " fashionable " that scenario is far safer .
Classes can be half filled with open windows and screening with rapid 15 minute saliva antigen tests -daily .
Aged care facilities ought strengthen their care with the UltraFast testing ,Maximal PPE and the most superior fresh air ventilation standards .

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