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  1. The Diagnosis Of Abdominal Injuries In Comatose Patients5:24
  2. Indications For Computed Tomography In Children With Blunt Abdominal Trauma3:12
  3. Rapid And Correct Diagnosis Of Myocardial Infarction: Standardized Case History And Clinical …3:08
  4. Outcome Of Patients With Chest Pain Discharged From An Accident And Emergency Department3:00
  5. Immediate Versus Deferred Beta-blockade Following Thrombolytic Therapy In Patients With Acute …3:36
  6. Variability In Thrombolytic Practice In Oregon1:37
  7. Ultra Short-acting Intravenous Beta-adrenergic Blockade As Add-on Therapy In Acute Unstable Angina1:33
  8. Use Of Femoral Venous Catheters In Critically Ill Adults: Prospective Study3:34
  9. The Effect Of Bystander CPR On Neurologic Outcome In Survivors Of Prehospital Cardiac Arrests1:29
  10. The Problem Of Poor Retention Of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills May Lie With The Instructor …55s
  11. The Effect Of Standard- And High-dose Epinephrine On Coronary Perfusion Pressure During Prolonged …2:04
  12. Potential Complications Of High-dose Epinephrine Therapy In Patients Resuscitated From Cardiac …3:30
  13. Electrophysiologic Evaluation And Outcome Of Patients With Syncope Of Unknown Origin1:44
  14. Headache As A Warning Symptom Of Impending Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage3:32
  15. How Well Can Radiographers Triage X-ray Films In Accident And Emergency Departments?2:07
  16. Disaster Planning And Response43s
  17. Tightening The Screw: Statutory And Legal Supervision Of Interhospital Patient Transfers1:30
  18. Swallowed Fish Bones: Is Radiography Justified? A Case Report1:57
  19. Are Heat Stroke Patients Fluid Depleted? Importance Of Monitoring Central Venous Pressure As A …1:47
  20. Efficacy Of Eyepad In Corneal Healing After Corneal Foreign Body Removal2:01
  21. Unequal Pupil Size In Patients With Unilateral Red Eye1:34
  22. Undetected Fatal Acute Pancreatitis: Why Is The Disease So Frequently Overlooked?2:43
  23. Treatment Of Pyelonephritis In An Observation Unit2:14
  24. Delayed Diagnosis Of Extremity Injuries In Patients With Multiple Injuries1:59
  25. Diagnostic Utility Of Lower Extremity Radiographs Of Young Children With Gait Disturbance2:21
  26. Risks And Benefits Of Paracetamol Antipyresis In Young Children With Fever Of Presumed Viral Origin4:20
  27. Diphenhydramine Toxicity In Three Children With Varicella-zoster Infection2:51
  28. Professional Liability In A Pediatric Emergency Department2:25
  29. Evidence That Histamine Is The Causative Toxin Of Scombroid Fish Poisoning2:33
  30. The Empiric Use Of Naloxone In Patients With Altered Mental Status: A Reappraisal3:35
  31. Foregoing Prehospital Care: Should Ambulance Staff Always Resuscitate?2:07
  32. The "no-patient" Run: 2,698 Patients Evaluated But Not Transported By Paramedics3:35
  33. Spirometric Criteria For Hospital Admission Of Patients With Acute Exacerbation Of COPD2:31
  34. Effect Of A Short Course Of Prednisone In The Prevention Of Early Relapse After The Emergency Room …2:38
  35. Nebulized Racemic Adrenaline For Wheezy Bronchitis1:20
  36. A Disposable End-tidal Co2 Detector To Verify Endotracheal Intubation1:53
  37. Verification Of Endotracheal Tube Placement With Colorimetric End-tidal Co2 Detection1:53
  38. Intrapleural Bupivacaine Analgesia In Chest Trauma: A Randomized Double-blind Controlled Trial1:24
  39. Sonographic Detection Of Foreign Bodies Of The Extremities50s
  40. Wound Infection Under Occlusive Dressings1:31

Treatment Of Pyelonephritis In An Observation Unit

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