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  1. A Prospective Study Of Emergent Abdominal Sonography After Blunt Trauma5:08
  2. Significance Of Intra-abdominal Extraluminal Air Detected By CT Scan In Blunt Abdominal Trauma2:04
  3. Comparison Of "Accelerated" Tissue Plasminogen Activator With Streptokinase For Treatment Of …3:03
  4. Concurrent Nitroglycerin Administration Reduces The Efficacy Of Recombinant Tissue-type Plasminogen …2:08
  5. Theophylline For The Treatment Of Atrioventricular Block After Myocardial Infarction3:32
  6. A Comparison Of Emla Cream Versus Nitrous Oxide For Pediatric Venous Cannulation3:08
  7. Evaluation Of An Amethocaine Gel Preparation For Percutaneous Analgesia Before Venous Cannulation …1:34
  8. Limiting Initial Resuscitation Of Uncontrolled Hemorrhage Reduces Internal Bleeding And Subsequent …4:29
  9. Tissue Plasminogen Activator For Acute Ischemic Stroke6:22
  10. Low-molecular-weight Heparin For The Treatment Of Acute Ischemic Stroke2:14
  11. Lorazepam Versus Diazepam In The Acute Treatment Of Epileptic Seizures And Status Epilepticus2:52
  12. What To Expect From Medical Treatment Of Otitis Media2:37
  13. The Use Of Topical 5% Lignocaine Ointment For The Relief Of Pain Associated With Post-operative …37s
  14. Cocaine, Lidocaine, Tetracaine: Which Is Best For Topical Nasal Anesthesia?1:41
  15. A Study Of The Syndrome Of Simultaneous Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding And Myocardial …2:19
  16. Effect Of Parenteral Omeprazole And Ranitidine On Gastric2:20
  17. A Meta-analysis Of Somatostatin Versus Vasopressin In The Management Of Acute Esophageal Variceal …2:22
  18. A Comparative Evaluation Of Bedside Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Designed For …1:37
  19. Cost-effectiveness Analysis Of The Ottawa Ankle Rules2:37
  20. Multicentre Trial To Introduce The Ottawa Ankle Rules For Use Of Radiography In Acute Ankle Injuries3:29
  21. Derivation Of A Decision Rule For The Use Of Radiography In Acute Knee Injuries3:18
  22. Clinical Decision Rules Discriminate Between Fractures And Nonfractures In Acute Isolated Knee …3:07
  23. The Outcomes And Costs Of Care For Acute Low Back Pain Among Patients Seen By Primary Care …2:05
  24. Treatment Of Traumatic Effusion In The Elbow Joint: A Prospective, Randomized Study Of 62 …2:39
  25. The Suspected Scaphoid Fracture And Isotope Bone Imaging2:18
  26. Effect Of Antibiotic Therapy On The Outcome Of Outpatients With Unsuspected Bacteremia4:12
  27. Gender-associated Differences In Emergency Department Pain Management3:55
  28. Analysis Of Pain Management In Critically Ill Patients3:32
  29. Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation Of Once-daily Aminoglycoside Treatment31s
  30. Chloral Hydrate Sedation Of Children Undergoing CT And Mr Imaging: Safety As Judged By American …1:22
  31. Combination Fentanyl And Diazepam For Pediatric Conscious Sedation1:17
  32. Alcohol Interventions In Trauma Centers: Current Practice And Future Directions1:26
  33. A More Cost-effective Use Of Medical Air Evacuation Personnel1:16
  34. Nebulized Dexamethasone Versus Oral Prednisone In The Emergency Treatment Of Asthmatic Children2:06
  35. Bacterial Infection In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Study Of Stable And Exacerbated …1:52
  36. Guidelines For The Initial Management Of Community-acquired Pneumonia: Savory Recipe Or Cookbook …2:25
  37. Rocuronium With Alfentanil And Propofol Allows Intubation Within 45 Seconds1:17
  38. Clinical Trial Of A New Lightwand Device (Trachlight) To Intubate The Trachea2:02
  39. Ultrasonography Detection Of Radiolucent Foreign Bodies In Soft Tissue Compared To Computed …2:06
  40. Institution And Per-surgeon Volume Versus Survival Outcome In Pennsylvania's Trauma Centers5:02

Tissue Plasminogen Activator For Acute Ischemic Stroke

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