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  1. Computed Tomography: An Unreliable Indicator Of Pancreatic Trauma2:54
  2. Beneficial Effects Of2:18
  3. Prospective Study Of The Role Of Cardiac Troponin T In Patients Admitted With Unstable Angina3:04
  4. Cost-effectiveness Of A Coronary Care Unit Versus An Intermediate Care Unit For Emergency …1:56
  5. Prehospital Administration Of Aspirin In Patients With Unstable Angina And Acute Myocardial …42s
  6. Diuretic Efficacy Of High Dose Furosemide In Severe Heart Failure: Bolus Injection Versus …1:32
  7. Suspected Deep Venous Thrombosis: Is US Of Both Legs Necessary?2:21
  8. Comparison Of Procainamide And Lidocaine In Terminating Sustained Monomorphic Ventricular …1:06
  9. Effects Of Pegorgotein On Neurologic Outcome Of Patients With Severe Head Injury: A Multicenter …1:34
  10. Prognosis And Clinical Relevance Of Anisocoria-craniotomy Latency For Epidural Hematoma In Comatose …2:01
  11. Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate Rapidly Alleviates Headaches Of Various Types2:25
  12. Thrombolytic Therapy With Streptokinase In Acute Ischemic Stroke1:44
  13. Streptokinase For Acute Ischemic Stroke With Relationship To Time Of Administration7:29
  14. Is Admission Chest Radiography Of Any Clinical Value In Acute Stroke Patients?1:17
  15. Double-blind Placebo-controlled Study Of The Hyperventilation Provocation Test And The Validity Of …1:43
  16. Practice Parameter: Neuroimaging In The Emergency Patient Presenting With Seizure - Summary …2:11
  17. Ambulatory Visits To Hospital Emergency Departments: Patterns And Reasons For Use4:35
  18. Missed Diagnoses Among Elderly Patients Discharged From An Accident And Emergency Department2:09
  19. Unnecessary Preoperative Investigations: Evaluation And Cost Analysis48s
  20. Removing BEE Stings2:15
  21. Diagnostic Value Of C-reactive Protein In Children With Perforated Appendicitis44s
  22. Development And Implementation Of Cost-effective Guidelines In The Laboratory Investigation Of …1:27
  23. Comparison Of Intravenous Ketorolac, Meperidine, And Both (Balanced Analgesia) For Renal Colic6:28
  24. Laboratory Evaluation Of Acute Upper Genital Tract Infection1:44
  25. The Complete Blood Count And Reticulocyte Count: Are They Necessary In The Evaluation Of Acute …1:43
  26. Self-assessment Of Tuberculin Skin Test Reactions By New York City Firefighters: Reliability And …2:00
  27. Blood Cultures In Adult Patients Released From An Urban Emergency Department: A 15-month Experience1:21
  28. Precision, Accuracy, And Managed Care Implications Of A Hand-held Whole Blood Analyzer In The …58s
  29. Family Member Presence During Pediatric Emergency Department Procedures1:33
  30. Intramuscular Ketamine Is Superior To Meperidine, Promethazine, And Chlorpromazine For Pediatric …2:02
  31. A Pharmacokinetic Comparison Of Acetaminophen Products (Tylenol Extended Relief Vs. Regular Tylenol)2:17
  32. Delivery Of Albuterol In A Pediatric Emergency Department1:22
  33. Antibiotics And Respiratory Infections: Are Patients More Satisfied When Expectations Are Met?2:44
  34. Implementation And Evaluation Of An Algorithm For Isolation Of Patients With Suspected Pulmonary …1:37
  35. Efficacy Of A Small Single Dose Of Oral Dexamethasone For Outpatient Croup: A Double Blind Placebo …1:25
  36. The Efficacy Of Nebulized Budesonide In Dexamethasone-treated Outpatients With Croup1:48
  37. Plantar Puncture Wounds: A Survey To Determine The Incidence Of Infection1:30
  38. Seat Belt Use, Insurance Status, And Hospital Bad Debt1:16
  39. Utility Of Admission Chemistry And Coagulation Profiles In Trauma Patients: A Reappraisal Of …1:49
  40. A Medical Disaster Response To Reduce Immediate Mortality After An Earthquake11:32

Thrombolytic Therapy With Streptokinase In Acute Ischemic Stroke

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