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  1. Identification Of Very Low Risk Chest Pain Using Clinical Data In The Emergency Department7:14
  2. Effect Of Nesiritide In Patients With Acute Decompensated Heart Failure3:15
  3. Therapeutic Hypothermia After Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest: Evaluation Of A Regional System To …3:24
  4. Diagnostic Imaging Rates For Head Injury In The ED And States' Medical Malpractice Tort Reforms4:46
  5. Effects Of Tranexamic Acid In Traumatic Brain Injury: A Nested Randomised, Placebo Controlled Trial …5:43
  6. Prospective Validation Of The Abcd2 Score For Patients In The Emergency Department With Transient …2:09
  7. Is MRI More Accurate Than CT In Patients With Suspected Acute Stroke?2:30
  8. Single-center Trials Show Larger Treatment Effects Than Multicenter Trials: Evidence From A …3:49
  9. Bet 2: Routine Coagulation Testing In Adult Patients With Epistaxis1:01
  10. European Guideline For The Management Of Pediculosis Pubis, 20101:44
  11. European Guideline For The Management Of Scabies, 20101:43
  12. Is Outpatient Oral Antibiotic Therapy Safe And Effective For The Treatment Of Acute Uncomplicated …1:16
  13. Radiological Imaging Of Patients With Suspected Urinary Tract Stones: National Trends, Diagnoses …2:36
  14. Malpractice Risk According To Physician Specialty2:58
  15. Use Of A B-hcg Discriminatory Zone With Bedside Pelvic Ultrasonography3:13
  16. High-dose Tranexamic Acid Reduces Blood Loss In Postpartum Haemorrhage2:50
  17. Management Of Nausea And Vomiting In Pregnancy2:28
  18. Evidence-based Diagnostics: Adult Septic Arthritis2:56
  19. Diagnosis Of Spinal Cord Compression In Nontrauma Patients In The Emergency Department4:02
  20. Range Of Elbow Movement As A Predictor Of Bony Injury In Children2:50
  21. Mortality After Fluid Bolus In African Children With Severe Infection2:18
  22. Ketamine As An Analgesic In The Pre-hospital Setting: A Systematic Review1:56
  23. The Nocebo Effect And Its Relevance For Clinical Practice2:51
  24. Communicating Uncertainties About Prescription Drugs To The Public: A National Randomized Trial3:21
  25. Study Of Neurontin: Titrate To Effect, Profile Of Safety (Steps) Trial - A Narrative Account Of A …2:50
  26. Incidence Of Tricyclic Antidepressant-like Complications After Cyclobenzaprine Overdose2:06
  27. Nebulized Budesonide Added To Standard Pediatric Emergency Department Treatment Of Acute Asthma: A …2:17
  28. C-reactive Protein Testing Does Not Decrease Antibiotic Use For Acute Cough Illness When Compared …2:35
  29. Effect Of Corticosteroids On The Clinical Course Of Community-acquired Pneumonia: A Randomized …3:24
  30. Patient Perceptions Of Computed Tomographic Imaging And Their Understanding Of Radiation Risk And …11:23

Malpractice Risk According To Physician Specialty

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